How to Draw Twilicorn


Start by making a circle for the head then draw the odd shape for the body. Sketch in the facial guidelines then add a neck line.


You will now draw out the left side of the body which is the ear, neck, and some of the torso. Sketch the front part of the neck, then draw in the some of the face along with the muzzle.


Here you will begin drawing Twilight's mane, then draw the unicorn horn. Add detailing to the hair, then to the horn.


We will draw out Twilight's eyes. When you do this make sure to add the lashes, nostril slit, and her teeth because she is smiling in this pose after all.


Okay so far we have her face, head and some of her mane drawn out. We will now tackle the task of drawing the wings. Her wings should be big enough to go with the size of her body.


Draw the front legs, then round off the hooves.


Finish Twilight's body by drawing the back legs, stomach, and her tail.


Now for the last step, finish drawing the pony's mane, then sketch in some detailing to the tail and wing. Erase your mistakes as you do this.


Here is Twilight Sparkle or Twilicorn. I hope you enjoyed this tut folks, be sure to color her in.

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July 19, 2013

Description: Hey folks, when was the last time I did a tut on a character from My Little Pony? I know, a very long time. Today I have a lesson that is going to be on "how to draw Twilicorn", step by step. This flying pony is also known as Twilight Sparkle, and she is very popular within the MLP series. The name 'Twilicorn' is something that was labeled onto her because of Twilight's new status of being Alicorn Princess. Folks in in the Brony community didn't take it well so the name Twilicorn was formed. Anyways, have fun drawing Twilicorn or Twilight Sparkle once again. Adios folks.

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