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How To Draw Tsubaki Akira, My Myseterious Girlfriend X

Artist: mstormw / June 20, 2012
How To Draw Tsubaki Akira, My Myseterious Girlfriend X

Step 1.

Draw out some boxy guidelines, just to get the stance/proportions roughly in place. The entire thing should be about 6 heads/circles tall.

Step 2.

Next, Use the guidelines to mark out the shape of the face, ears and fringe. You can also add in guidelines for the position of the features on the face, if you want. Note the fringe is longest in between where the eyes will be.

Step 3.

*insert word that isn't next here*, mark out the rest of the hair, using the circle as the baseline. Notice that the hair seems to stick out more on the right side than the left. You can also add in the eyes, nose and mouth now. Make sure you get the   

Step 4.

Now it is time to add highlights on the hair. The tops of the highlights for a shallow 'w' shape and the thinner parts curve around the head vertically. You can also draw the collar and neck, using the diamond shape guidelines to help you. Don't make   

Step 5.

Draw the undershirt Tsubaki always wears as well as the school shirt. A male's shirt generally isn't fitted, so it will just be a fairly straight body, with only a little wrinkle around the midsection and flare at the bottom. Due to the fact that his   

Step 6.

Next, draw Tsubaki's rucksack and arms. Note how the arms, even when straight, have a cuved edge to them, from thin at the elbow to thicker in the middle, to thinner again at the wrist. You can also add more detail to the shirt.

Step 7.

Okay, hands get a step all to themselves, purely because I think they're the hardest thing to draw, I dunno about you. Note how the hands, like the arms start thin, flare, then get narrower again, only more rapidly and in a more angular way. Other th   

Step 8.

Easiest bit, I promise! Draw the legs and shoes. School trousers tend to be straight legged with only the slightest flare, and because they're black, you don't have to draw lots of rumples.

Step 9.

Okay, that's it! Hope you found this useful, please comment, I do value your opinion! Happy doodling!

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Artist: mstormw
Date Added: June 20, 2012
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Description: The second in my MMGX/NNKX collection, I was being lazy, so I didn't bother with shadows/highlights (aside from the hair) in the finished pic, hope you don't mind :) So anyways, I love how he always looks awkward and horrified at everything xD Tsubaki, Urabe's boyfriend, enjoy!