How to Draw Triple H

Artist: Dawn / April 29, 2010

Step 1.

Start with a circle for the head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw the wire frame for his shoulders like so.

Step 2.

Now begin sketching out the left side of his face which includes the side of his brow, and his eyebrows. Draw the eye lines, and then sketch out his nose.

Step 3.

Since I drew Triple H in his fighting face, his hair looks a bit wet, and limp. You will start sketching out his shoulder length hairdo, and notice how he has a few pieces of hair strands and chunks hanging over his forehead. Once this is done you ca   

Step 4.

Before you start adding the shading, you will need to sketch out his long, hill-billy looking mustach, and then his roaring mouth. Note how you can see almost everything in his mouth. Sketch out his teeth, gums, and tongue. When finished erase the vi   

Step 5.

Finish sketching out the shape of his face by drawing the chin, neck, and left shoulder, arm, and chest. Sketch in the shading in the areas you see it done here.

Step 6.

Let's finish drawing Triple H shall we? Draw in some more of the detailing to his head, and then sketch out the back and right arm. Notice how I drew in the lumpy lining to emphasis his muscular back. Draw the nipple, and then add some shading and li   

Step 7.

Here he is, the newly drawn sketch of Triple H. I hope you enjoyed this lesson, and I know that many fans will be happy. Peace out people!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 29, 2010
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Description: There are plenty of wrestlers out there that make names for themselves over a period of time. Sometimes though, a famous giant, started off being a scrawny kid couldn't even flex a muscle the size of a peach. John Cena, and Jeff Hardy are some of the professional wrestlers I have uploaded as tutorials. I wanted to add another WWE star that came from the East Coast, and made it big. You will learn "how to draw Triple H", step by step. I think I mentioned before that I’m not a big wrestling fan, but when it comes to finding out who is popular and who isn't, I turn to my fifteen year old brother to get the 411. He started off being a kid from Nashua New Hampshire, and according to his bio, he was a gangly teenager. It wasn't until he redeemed a free gym membership that his life changed forever, and for the better. But you would ask yourself “how scrawny was he”? How about being one hundred and thirty five pounds, and standing in at six foot, four inches tall. Now that is pretty lanky. Anyway, once he started body building at the gym, he just went to town. For three years straight he was working out every single day until he went from linky, to beefy. He worked on all the muscles in his body, and went from one hundred thirty five pounds to, two hundred ten pounds, and his body was completely solid. Soon after he started joining competitions, and actually won more than a few of them. Through all of this text I just wrote out for yo all, I never once mentioned what Triple H's real name was. His full name is Paul Michael Levesque, and he was born on July 27, 1969. Paul eventually joined Walter “Killer” Kowalski's Pro Wrestling School, and trained four days a week under the hand of Kowalski himself. In 1993 he approached Eric Bischoff to convince him that he was good enough to join the roster of WCW. Paul was later discovered by WWE and it was than he became the notorious “Hunter Hearst Helmsley”, or as we call him Triple H. As of right now his stats are as follows; he still stands in at 6'4, and weighs in at 255 pounds. As of right now he lives in Greenwhich Connecticut. Triple H's signature move is called the “Pedigree”, and he has several championships under his belt like; WWE Champion, World Heavyweight Champion, Intercontinental Champion, Unified WWE Tag Team Champion, World Tad Team Champion, European Champion, King of the Ring in 1997, and he was the Royal Rumble winner in 2002. I worked very hard on this sketch, and to many, the finished colored image looks like a photo. If you are a wrestling fan you will love this lesson on “how to draw Triple H”, step by step. I have two more lessons to go up today, and later on I will be submitting some more. Don't forget to rate and comment on this, and many other tutorials on the site. I will be back so stick around and go to town.