How to Draw Wrestlers

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Begin your wrestler by building his body out of basic shapes. Starting simple makes it easy to spot mistakes in proportions and get a good pose down. Using large ovals to form his arms and legs will make it easier to build bulky muscle from later. I    


Once you have the basics down it's time to start adding a few details. Go ahead and add some definition to his neck and chest, hands, shape his legs and create a guide for drawing his face later. Don't get caught up in the little details yet.


Erase the guides so that, when you add the details of the muscles, the drawing stays nice and clean. Go ahead and add in some details on the face. Keep the features chiseled to keep him manly and intimidating.


Now it's time to build up some real muscle! Be careful not to outline the six pack too strongly or it won't look like it's part of his stomach. Suggest powerful legs and arms with a few extra lines. Go ahead and clean up the face, as well.


Now it's time to give him a costume! Go ahead and add some hair and clothes. This is an example of a more classic, old-fashioned wrestler with basic boots and shorts. Finish his face with an expression that suits his style and personality.


You could also choose to go more costume-y and give him a theme, like this Texan one.


Experiment with different types of shoes and clothing, as well as things like masks and gloves. There are some pretty crazy looking wrestlers out there, so let your imagination run wild!

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October 28, 2009

Description: One of the reasons wrestlers are so entertaining is how crazy and varied their styles and personalities are. In this tutorial I will give you a good starting point to create your own, starting with how to draw their muscled physiques and ending with a few tips on how to invent your own character. Have fun and get creative!

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