How to Draw a Bowl

Artist: Dawn / July 21, 2010

Step 1.

The first thing you will need to do is draw out the shape of an egg. Next, draw the bowl line which is in a vertical slant like so.

Step 2.

The next thing you are going to do is thicken the lining you just drew in step one to add depth and texture to the rim of the bowl. Draw an inner line which is going to create the effect of being able to see in the bowl.

Step 3.

Now you will be drawing out the lip for the outer ring of the bowl's design like you see here. Just by sketching out this part of the dish, you will give this bowl a nice ceramic effect.

Step 4.

It is now time to finish drawing out this awesome dish called the bowl. All you have to do now is draw out the actual shape of the design like you see here. Erase the lines and shapes you drew in step one, and then fill it with something sweet and ta   

Step 5.

Here is how your nicely drawn bowl looks when you are all done. Now all you need to do is color it in and you are all set. I hope you had fun learning how to draw a bowl!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 21, 2010
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Description: This is going to be a really easy lesson on a simple object that many of us has tried to draw at one point or another. Today, I will start by teaching you guys "how to draw a bowl", step by step. Obviously this is going to be an extremely easy tutorial to learn from because who doesn't know how to draw bowls? I already got a tutorial done on a cup, so drawing this dish should go nicely with the cup when they are combined. You can choose to draw in some cereal like I did here, or you can fill it with fruit like strawberries, bananas, apples, and so forth. When you think of a dish, the first thing that comes to your mind is a plate. The next type of dish that one thinks about is the cup, and then the bowl. If you ask me, I don't think I could live without having dishes to my disposal. Even if it was just some paper plates, plastic spoons, forks, or knives. There is so many different types dishware out there on the market today, and choosing a pattern, and style can be either fun and exciting, or painfully annoying and frustrating. The frustrating part usually comes in when you are trying to determine the type of dishes you will use for a wedding, or another special occasion. Anyway, this is going to be a fun tutorial, and when you have finished with this submission, you will have learned "how to draw a bowl". Adios people, I will be back in a bit with more drawing fun.