How to Draw the Sugarplum Fairy


Make three shapes, one for the head another for the torso and one more for the lower body or skirt shape.


Begin sketching out the shape of the face and head like so, then move to step three.


Next, draw in her great big bright looking eyes like so, and make sure to draw her stare off to the side. Add some lashes then draw the eyebrows. You will also make the lips, then proceed on.


Let's get started on the body. Draw the neck, then draw the shoulders, arm and upper torso. Add the lining for the dress, then add detailing to the waist.


We will sketch in the style and shape for her head, and as you can see this is also her hairstyle. I chose to go with a typical straight style but you can choose whatever. Add a bow on the side of her head which is filled with a small wreath.


Next, draw the rest of the dress in the form of a split plumb style dress. The leaf of the plum fruit should be at the base of her waistline.


Draw in her legs and make the marks on the legs for the creation of her boots.


All you have to do here is draw out one of the large wings. Again, this is a simple style wing with a curled tail end.


draw the other wing the very same way you did the first, and try to make them uniform in shape and style.


For the last step detail the wings by making rib lines. Erase the mistakes and you are all done.


Here is how your Sugarplum fairy looks when you are all done. Great job people and I hope you all had fun.

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November 29, 2017

Description: I will skip uploading the other lesson on a Thanksgiving themed drawing, and will replace it with a tut on "how to draw the Sugarplum fairy", step by step. The Sugarplum fairy is the one who rules over the Land of Sweets in the ballet of The Nutcracker. She also the one who welcomes the Nutcracker Prince and his love Clara. I didn't know exactly what to make for the Sugarplum fairy, so I decided to go with something simple once again, but also elegant and bright. As you can see she almost looks like she is wearing a dress that has the bottom shape of the plum fruit. If you like The Nutcracker, you will love drawing the Sugarplum fairy. Adios and Merry Christmas.

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