How to Draw an Anime Fairy

Artist: Desi_bell / December 31, 2012

Step 1.

For this tutorial, we're going to draw a younger anime fairy flying for the first time. To start, let's sketch out a basic skeleton to use as a guide for later steps. Please take note of the slight arch in the back and the foot raised off of the grou   

Step 2.

Now we'll add some guidelines to help us keep our drawing aligned. This is very important to do for 3/4 views because it helps make sure you all of the body is facing in the same direction.

Step 3.

Our anime fairy is going to have side swept bangs and a more round face. Draw the lines for the hair making sure to follow to curve of the head. Then sketch in the curve of the face while following the skeleton's head underneath.

Step 4.

It's time to finish the hair. Her hair is thick and short, so the top of her hair should be higher than the skeleton's head underneath. Once again, make sure to follow the curve. Sketch the bottoms of the hair in small chunks.

Step 5.

The guidelines come in handy at this step. When drawing the eyes at 3/4 view, it's important to make the eye that is further away slightly smaller to create the feeling of perspective. For our fairy, I've decided to give her short eyebrows and an up   

Step 6.

Draw the torso, making sure to add the arch to her back. Because this is 3/4 view, her torso should only curve inwards deeply on one side. Draw the arms and hands.

Step 7.

Sketch the legs, starting from the hips. Her right knee is bent and he foot is concealed by the other leg. For the left foot, pretend that she is wearing high heels when drawing the curve, and then draw the toes.

Step 8.

Now to add clothes. This fairy prefers to wear leaf clothing. Draw the lines for the leaf top, making sure to include the ridges of the leaf and the veins. Then draw the straps.

Step 9.

The top of her leaf skirt should follow the curve of the hips. Draw the front leaf, adding the ridge and veins, then draw the back leaf. Take note how the middle vein of the leaf follows the guideline of her body. Finish the skirt with a small piece   

Step 10.

Before we start on the wings, let's erase those guidelines. We won't be needing them anymore. Start the left wing from behind her back. Once you've done the outline, add the pattern of the wing with smaller lines.

Step 11.

Our final step is to finish the right wing. Most of this wing is behind her body because of the 3/4 view. Sketch the outline of the wing, making sure to include the curve for the top half of the wing, and the bottom half of the wing. Once you are don   

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Artist: Desi_bell
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Description: For my first tutorial, I'll be teaching you how to draw an cute anime fairy at 3/4 view. After reading this tutorial, users will be able to better understand placing facial features and wings at an angle.