How to Draw Anime Santa Clause

Artist: Dawn / December 6, 2017

Step 1.

Are you all ready or what? Start by making a small circle for the head, then sketch out a nice size torso shape. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well.

Step 2.

Using the facial guidelines you just made, begin sketching in the face starting with the eyebrows, eyes, nose and frown lines around the nostrils. Add bags under the eye, and an indent line on his cheek.

Step 3.

Draw out the long, wide mustache. This should be a cool looking stache folks.

Step 4.

Sketch in the hairline for his beard along the side of his face likes o, then draw out a cool Santa hat that is trim instead of puffy and soft.

Step 5.

Begin sketching out Santa's hair and beard. The hair should be long or as long as his beard. Detail the hair and then proceed to step six.

Step 6.

Now we will tackle the task of drawing out his superhero style cape. Start at the shoulder, and sketch in the cape which is blowing in the winter breeze. Line the cape with puffy trim like you see here.

Step 7.

I drew anime Santa with his arms crossed over one another so here you will begin sketching out the right arm. Notice that it is massive and full of definition. Draw the fingers which are square tipped for added sense of strength. Add the knuckle crea   

Step 8.

Here you will sketch out the left shoulder and arms. The left arm is tucked under the right arm while the right hand is tucked under the left arm. Add muscle definition to both arms so they look strong.

Step 9.

You will now sketch out some of Santa's torso. As you can see his top is short sleeved and sort of baggy at the waist. Draw in the crinkle from the shirt being tucked into his belt, then draw in the belt.

Step 10.

Add the thick trimming to the front of Santa's shirt. Once that is done you can add the buckle to the belt, as well as the holes along the belt.

Step 11.

Continue to draw out the long design of Santa's shirt or short sleeve jacket. Add that thick trimming on the front, then you can move to step twelve.

Step 12.

For the last step you will have to finish drawing Santa's cape. Sketch in the ruffled trimming along the end or edge of the cape like so, then sketch in some fold or crease lines for added texture and style. Erase the mistakes and guidelines too.

Step 13.

After a long journey your drawing comes out looking like the one you see here, or pretty close to it. Color everything in to really make this anime Santa Clause drawing pop.

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: I saved the best lesson for last because I know a lot of you have been waiting for this tut on "how to draw anime Santa Clause", step by step. I was going to make this version of Santa beardless, but then I thought Santa without a beard wouldn't look right. Instead I drew him to look very manly, full of muscle, and have a flowing red cape lined with white trim to represent how children believe that Santa Clause is a superhero. To me when I was growing up I thought Santa was so cool. When I found out that he was a chubby old man with a white beard, I was like, "how does he find the energy to deliver all that stuff to everyone around the world?". In all reality, I think Saint Nick should look like this anime version of him. For what he gets done in one nights time, he would have to have the stamina of a skilled athlete, the strength of a body builder, and fearlessness of a solider. Trying to incorporate all these things into one drawing anime style was a bit challenging, but I think I succeeded. So here he is finally, an anime Santa Clause to go with your anime Mrs. Clause. Have fun and remember to leave me some feedback letting me know what you all think. Peace out and Happy Holidays once again.