How to Draw The Hunger Games Mockingjay

Artist: Dawn / December 8, 2013

Step 1.

Make four shapes, one for the head, another for the body and two for the wings.

Step 2.

Begin sketching out the Mockingjay's head shape followed by the long beak.

Step 3.

Draw the shape of the neck, then draw in the eyeball, color in the pupil, then add a line down the middle of the beak to make a lower mandible.

Step 4.

The next thing you will do is sketch out the widespread tail along with the thighs for the legs. The tail looks or is shaped like the tail of a sparrow. Add the feathers as well.

Step 5.

To get started with the wings you will only draw out the top layer of feathers which is also the arm of the bird. Once these smaller feathers are sketched out, you can move along to step six.

Step 6.

Add another row of feathers to form the Mockingjay's wings which are also spread out completely.

Step 7.

Almost done. Before you finish drawing the wings, erase the guides and mistakes so you can sketch in the detailing on the body which is areas of small feathers on the neck, chest, and bottom. Draw the legs and talons like so, then you are done.

Step 8.

Finish sketching out the rest of the Mockingjay's wings by drawing the last row of feathers. This should be longer feathers because the wings are fully extended.

Step 9.

Here is the final product when you are all done. Now you can color in the Mockingjay, and show folks how you drew the famous bird of freedom from The Hunger Games.

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Artist: Dawn
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