How to Draw Anime Katniss Everdeen


You will only be drawing the head and torso for this anime figure. Start with making the guides for both parts of the body, then sketch in the facial guidelines and neck line.


For this step you will begin sketching out the shape or structure of the anime face for Katniss. Her hair should frame her face in a braided manner. Also sketch out the shape of her head which is also her hair. Lastly, draw the neck shape too.


One of my favorite parts to this anime version of Katniss is her eyes. Begin drawing out the shapes of her eyes using a heavy stroke. When that is done add lashes, then draw in the eyebrows. You will also need to draw the definition to the scalp of h   


Finish the eyes by drawing the eyeballs, then sketch in her ear and add detailing inside of it. You will then draw the nose, and then her full set of lips. I love everything about her face.


This should be a simple step to tackle. Starting at the base of the neck, sketch out the outline for her torso. This includes the chest, back, and lower part of her abdomen.


You will now draw in her arm, add detailing to the sleeve for her clothing, then add detailing near the back part of the arm where the pit is.


Lastly for this lesson all you have to do is sketch in her braid that rests on her shoulder, then draw her pouch for her arrows, along with some arrows inside. Detail the pouch and you can begin erasing mistakes.


That's it, you have yourself a nicely drawn image of what Katniss would look like as an anime character. Color her in and show off what you have done.

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December 9, 2013

Description: I have been working on some cool tuts that I think people will love. I will start with my take on "how to draw anime Katniss", step by step. I tried turning the human version of Katniss Everdeen into an anime version. Although the task was hard, I think I did a good job with recreating Jennifer Lawrence's character. The high cheek bones, blue eyes and her hairstyle all resemble the real Katniss. As I said before, I really am looking forward to seeing the film and because of that I am inspired to make some of the characters from the movie and or book. Have fun drawing anime Katniss folks. I will be back in a bit so stay tuned in.

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