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How to Draw the Flag of China

Artist: Dawn / October 3, 2013
How to Draw the Flag of China

Step 1.

Start off by drawing the guidelines for the stars. As you can see each guide looks like small plus marks.

Step 2.

Start with the smaller guides and begin drawing the four five pointed stars. Take your time and use a ruler if you want to.

Step 3.

Now you will draw out the larger five pointed star. When you are done erase those guidelines then that's it.

Step 4.

That was pretty simple right? Drawing the flag of China couldn't more easier. Color the background red and the stars yellow.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 3, 2013
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Tags: how to draw flags
Description: So here is a flag that many people have asked me to make a lesson on so many times in the past but I never got around to it. I will actually be uploading two more flags after this one on "how to draw the flag of China", step by step. The flag of China is a simple design. The five stars lay on red canvas or background, and there is four small stars with five points, and one larger star with five points. The flag was adopted as the official flag of China back in 1949 on October 1st. This is when the founding of the People's Republic of China first took place. The red stands for revolution while the big yellow star represents the Communist Party, and the smaller yellow stars stand for the people of China. Drawing the Flag of China is very simple because your canvas will stay the same, all you will be drawing is four small stars in a semi-crescent shape and a larger star off to the right side. Have fun, and I hope you learned something new.