How to Draw the Easter Bunny


Begin like we always do, with guidelines to create a workable frame for your Easter bunny. This should be a head and body guide.


At the top of the circle you just made, draw in the Easter Bunny's long, thick, heavy looking ears. I chose to go with one of them flopped over, but you can make both ears erect. Draw in a tuft of hair on the head as well.


Sketch out the shape of the face and head like so. Don't forget to make the cheeks and mouth area real fluffy looking. After all, The Easter bunny is a rabbit.


Here we will draw in the smile and mouth as well as the tooth or teeth.


Continue to work on the Easter Bunny's face by drawing the bottom lip, add the separation line to make two teeth, then draw in the eyes, nose, whiskers, and detailing inside the ears.


Here we will draw the Easter Bunny's bow tie. Add the dimpling in the tie on the sides of the knots.


Next, draw the shoulders and arms. Add some fluff on the elbows as well.


All you have to do here is draw three fingers as part of the bunny's hand.


We will draw in the lower part of the Easter Bunny's body. This includes the back, hind legs, feet and some of the belly.


Draw in a fluffy tail and that's all you have to do here.


We are almost done people. Draw three eggs and you are ready for step twelve.


Let's finish drawing the Easter bunny by drawing the other foot. Add the toe lines and you can then erase the mistakes and guidelines.


That's all there is to it. Your drawing of the Easter Bunny is ready to color in and places in a place that has high visibility.

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March 28, 2017

Description: It's time for an updated version of the main dude that brings all the goodies to all the little kids who celebrate Easter around the world. Today, I thought it would only be right to make a new tut on how to draw the Easter Bunny, step by step. I really like how this version came out because he actually looks like a bunny that would deliver baskets to young boys and girls and also hide eggs around the house. This isn't going to be the easiest lesson, but it isn't going to be too hard either. Have fun and good luck. Also, happy Easter everyone.

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