How to Draw the Cullen Family Crest from Twilight

Artist: xXMedicGirlXx / August 13, 2009

Step 1.

Draw what you see here. It is an oval with an open top and a line down the center. Inside of the oval, towards the bottom, draw an arrow pointing downwards. To the right and left of the center line, outside on the bottom of the circle, draw two lines   

Step 2.

Fill in the oval with double lines around the guideline you drew earlier. At the top of the open lines, thy should close with a half moon shape on each side. Along the arrow, fill it in with a pair of lines like the oval- except these lines should be   

Step 3.

Start to fill in the design at the top. Note that you may have to enlarge the picture to see the detail. The design should be symmetrical- meaning each should be a mirror image of the other. Try to make them as similar as possible. Move down to the b   

Step 4.

Finish off the detail on the top. And finish the banner at the bottom by connecting a pair of wiggly lines. Note again that you may have to enlarge the picture to see the detail at the top. Then begin to draw in the shamrocks on the arrow in the oval   

Step 5.

Draw in the hand in the top center. It looks almost like a cartoon hand with three small detail lines in the center. Don't fret if it doesn't look real. Also start to draw in the name across the banner at the bottom. Start with the two center letters   

Step 6.

Draw in the rest of the Cullen name as you see here. The letters should curve upwards and flow with the curves of the banner they are on. Try to make them as evenly spaced as possible. Then move up to right above the arrow and start begin to draw in    

Step 7.

Here's the part where it might take a while to look real. The lion is not easy to draw, considering it isn't a definite shape and that it is made of a total of eight different parts. Draw in the back of the lion first and then draw the other two piec   

Step 8.

To the left, you can see the lions mane draw in half way. Because the head is directly attatched to it, we'll draw in the rest in the next step. For now, leave it as an open figure. What you can do, however, is draw in the arm to the left of the mane   

Step 9.

Finish up the head. Continue where you left off on the mane and to the left, draw in what seems to be the lions tongue. The right side should be the back of its head and it should form an ear at the top before moving down on the left to form the top    

Step 10.

When you erase all the guidelines, this is what you shuld be left with. Carefully make sure that there are no breaks or sharp points on the crest and darken it in. Don't forget to erase the center line either! When you are satisfied with your work, y   

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Artist: xXMedicGirlXx
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Description: I looked around dragoart and found out that nobody has yet uploaded a tutorial on the Cullen crest! I decided that I must do so right away and I set out making this tutorial for you all! All in all, making this tut took me about 2 hours...mostly because I wanted it to be perfect. But anywho, this is for all the fellow Twifans out there! Long live Twilight!