How to Draw the Twightlight Book Cover

Artist: logie2008 / January 8, 2009

Step 1.

IMPORTANT: add a layer and bucket fill it black. add another layer and bucket fill it black and sketch some rough outlines of the arms coming down into a cross in a light color. Don't worry if the lines overlap, we are going to go over them and erase   

Step 2.

In this second step, draw where the wrists meat into a "V" shape. Draw the sausage fingers and the thumb of the left hand and draw the round shape of the apple lying in the hand.

Step 3.

Now draw the left hand and the fingers holding the apple. Leave a small gap between the right thumb and the left hands 3rd finger because that part is the part of the right hand which is in the dark. Draw in the shadow going up the wrist.

Step 4.

Okay in the last step my apple wasn't fully round so I erased it and drew it so it fit the hand better. I suggest you do this too. Next add the apples stalk.

Step 5.

In this step I erased all the lines I didn't want do this as well because this is the last step before we move on to the real outline

Step 6.

Now if your drawing on the computer add a new layer and call it "hand outline". Go over all the blue lines that I have with the color of the skin neatly. I used a color picker. DO NOT go over the black canals in the hands.

Step 7.

Create a new layer and call it apple outline. Use the color picker and pick the most normal color of the apple and go over the blue outlines neatly

Step 8.

Okay, now create a layer and call it layer outlines. use the skin outline color and go over your blue crease lines. Having fun yet?

Step 9.

Now, remove the layer that you drew the original rough outline to see what you have done so far

Step 10.

Now using your magic wand tool select the hands and color them in the skin color.

Step 11.

In this step, start to color the apple by using the same select with magic wand and bucket fill technique.

Step 12.

Now in this step color in the apple fully and fill in details like the finger nails and shading to the arms. Also add a softer black outline outside the hands and arms.

Step 13.

Now in this final step get an image of the twilight cover and copy and paste the twilight logo and Stephanie Meyer's name. I hope you have enjoyed my tutorial. yours logie2008.

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Artist: logie2008
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Description: Twilight is a hugely popular book series that has recently been made into a movie. today I will show you how to draw the book cover with a tablet and a graphics program like Photoshop ,gimp or