How to Draw Amumu from League of Legends

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This is going to be an easy character to draw so let's get started. Draw a circle for the head, then draw the body. Attach the arms, legs and hands and feet shapes as well.


Simply define the shape of Amumu's head like so, then proceed to step three.


We will now draw out the shapes of the eyes first, then draw in the bandage wraps as well as the eyebrows and mouth.


Draw the torso and then draw in the short stubby arms along with the hands. Make the waist line then proceed on.


We will finish the body by drawing the legs and then the large hoof like feet.


Lastly, before you draw in the rest of the bandage lining you will have to erase the mistakes and guidelines first. When that is done you can draw the bandages.


Here is Amumu when you are all done. It is now time to color him in.

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June 6, 2013

Description: Remember when I said I had another League of Legends character to upload yesterday? Well here it is today. I submitted like fourteen lessons in one shot yesterday so I had to take a break because I was getting so warn out. I'm back and with my return I give you "how to draw Amumu", step by step. It is said that this is the oddest League of Legends champions to date. Amumu's life before he woke up in a pyramid located in the Shurima Desert is a mystery. All he knows is that when he woke up, he was covered in mummy bandages and didn't have a heart beat. This adorable sad Legend is going to be a blast to recreate so if you have been waiting for this tutorial, here it is. Adios people and enjoy drawing Amumu.

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