How to Draw Fizz, League of Legends


Let us begin again. Draw the circle for the head, then draw the outlined shape for the body. Add the guidelines for the limbs, then sketch in the facial guides.


Here you will draw the shape of the head as well as draw the flop of skin that hangs to the right side of the head.


Sketch out the eyes, and as you can see there is a bunch of layers to drawing the eyes. Add the shape of the mouth which also forms the structure of the face. Add the detailing then you are done.


You will now draw the rest of the tentacles for the head, then add the suction cups. Take your time so you finish the detailing properly.


Here is where you will draw the arms and some of the torso. Sketch in the hands and the trident that Fizz is holding.


Finish drawing the body by adding the legs, and feet. As you can see Fizz is a squid like creature. Add detailing to his body, then you are done for the moment.


For the final step you will need to draw the rock that he is standing on as well as the water that is splashing upon the rock from the ocean. Sketch in the detailing to the rocks surface, then add some small specs of water. Erase the mistakes before    


The line art is done. Color in Fizz and add this character to your League of Legends drawing collection.

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June 6, 2013

Description: After this lesson there is only one more League of Legends character that I will submit today, but there is more to come tomorrow. Up next we will tackle drawing a figure from the game that is a bit brighter, and friendlier looking then the others. Here's "how to draw Fizz", step by step. Fizz is an aquatic creature that lives far in the sea under a mountain. Now because Fizz comes from a city or race that has had total comfort because of the security of their city, his race of people have grown to be complacent or smug, there wasn't that much action or threat of being invaded. Fizz on the other hand never conformed to their comfortable way of life, instead he grew increasingly curious about the world above the sea. Now because of his ways, Fizz used to leave or sneak out of his city to find adventure. One day while returning to his home, he found everyone had vanished and didn't know what happened to everyone. In search for his people, he finds a magical trident and sets out to discover the mystery. Drawing Fizz was awesome because I think he is a cool looking character. If you like the game, you will love the lesson.

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