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How to Draw Chibi Rapunzel, Tangled

Artist: Dawn / January 5, 2011
How to Draw Chibi Rapunzel, Tangled

Step 1.

The first thing we need to do to draw Rapunzel is make some basic lines and shapes. You can start by drawing out the circle shape for the head, and then draw out the shape for her torso which has a line coming from it. That line is attached to a pelv   

Step 2.

Now what you will do next is sketch out the shape of her head and face like you see here. Once that is done draw out her thick bold eyelashes and or lids, and do the same for the other side but not in full. Next, draw the shoulders and bulgy arms. Th   

Step 3.

Here you will draw out the big shapes of her eyes, and then draw in the beginning lining for her long hair or bangs. Now you are ready to draw out her body or dress like you see here and notice how it flares at the bottom. Finish her arms by drawing    

Step 4.

Now you can completely draw out her long, full, big head of hair like you see here. Be sure to draw in the swirl of hair that lays in front of her. Once that is done you can draw her small legs and feet, and then draw in her eyebrows, and sweet smile   

Step 5.

Now your drawing should be all cleaned up and ready for detailing. You will do this by sketching in the strand lines that are scattered throughout her hairstyle but the lines should all be flowing in the same direction, downwards. Once that is done y   

Step 6.

Here it is, a cleaned up chibi version of Rapunzel from the Disney movie Tangled. Now you can go ahead and color her in for even more added fun. I hope you liked this lesson, be sure to stay where you are because there is a lot more where this tutori   

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kitkatluv · 6 years ago
Artist: Dawn
Date Added: January 5, 2011
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Description: Some people may not think so but the new Disney movie that has been hitting theaters across the globe is making a screen in a big way. Today I thought I would submit a chibi version of the main character that has the long blond locks. Having said that let me get started by showing you guys "how to draw chibi Rapunzel", step by step from the hit movie Tangled. This chibi version of the blonde bomb shell came out so incredibly sweet, and cute. Her big green eyes stand out, and if you ask me I think she is one of the prettiest chibis I have drawn so far. Drawing chibi Rapunzel is going to be easier than some of you may think because she is made up of a big head, a small body, and a lot of hair. This is one of those lessons that will make you feel good once you are all done with the drawing. If you want you can add some of your own perks and quirks, or you can choose to leave her be. No matter what you choose to do with this character Iโ€™m sure it will be great. Have fun learning "how to draw chibi Rapunzel", and donโ€™t forget to upload your finished works when you are done. Thanks for joining me with this lesson guys, and I hope your drawing day is great.