How to Draw Swiftkill, Blackblood Alliance


Start with a circle on the left of your page. Not too far left! When I draw faces I find it easier to draw guidlines for where to put facial features. Draw a horisontal line just above half way on your circle. This will be your eyes. Also draw a vert   


Draw a much larger circle that overlaps the smaller circle. This is her torso.


Now's for her face fluff. Draw shapes based on triangles around the smaller circle. Try to keep as close to my drawing as you can at this point. The lines at the top of the circle are especialy important as they affect the ears.


Start drawing the ears. Draw the left part of the left ear near the tip of the first triangle. Do the same with the opposit ear and the opposit spike. Leave a small gap between the right part of the left ear and the beginning of her hair. end her hai   


start drawing her mouth and snout. Draw a kind of w shape for her mouth/ tip of her snout. draw an oval shape that's slightly pointed at the top at the left of the W. for her bottom jaw draw something that resembles a lopsided L that has rounded poin   


For her teeth draw triangles. The teeth on her lower jaw, the ones that on a human would be considered the canines, should cover the gap between her lower jaw and her upper jaw. They should also over lap the canines on her upper jaw. Draw four triang   


Draw similar shapes that you drew for the eyes but bigger and more exagerated outside of the eyes. Draw her eyebrows a bit like ticks, but not pointy. Snarlings easy to draw. just curved lines coming from the nose. The patterns under her eyes aren't    


This step will make Swiftkill look a little funny XD Draw a line from the torso that's about the same length as the torso from left to right. connect that to an oval, this will be the hips. Draw a line about half of that size for the leg on the left    


Draw the hind legs attaching to the bottom of the hip oval. Draw a curved line, the guide line for the tail in between them. Again, draw circles at the bottom of the leg guides.


Draw four spikes starting from inbetween the third and forth face spike. the first two spikes should be bigger and overlap the second two spikes. The second two spikes should join with the right (her left) foreleg just above the curve. All Blackblood   


Most of her back is covered with spikes of fur. Start this near the tip of her ear. the spikes should end about 1/3 of the way along the line that connects her torso and hips. For the rest of her back just draw a gradually sloping line to the top of    


Her legs start where her back ends. spikes start half way on the top half of her closest hind leg. The spike on the opposit side of her legs end just before the other spikes. The top of her foot starts just under halfway between her leg. At this poi   


her tail starts a little way down from the right leg. There is one spike halfway between the start of the tail from the right of the closest leg to the tip of the tail. There are three rather large spikes on the underside of the tail.


Now's just for the fine details of the fur. And other fine details that I had missed out. Also at this point you can rub out all other guidlines.


These are the lines that aren't drawn in black. Again, if you're just drawing in black and white just use black anyway, but if you're using colour I've drew arrows from the relevent colour to where it is used. It looks more complicated than it is, yo   


And now you should be done. She can be tricky to draw if it's your first time drawing in this style, so don't be diheartened if it doesn't turn out the same as this. I'm also planning to do Bloodspill and Riptide, so if you liked this be on the looko   

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August 18, 2011

Description: Hi! I'm back with another tutorial, this time requested by Dizzy_Duckie. This will teach you how to draw Swiftkill, a wolf from an awesome onine Graphic Novel called The Blackblood Alliance. Hope this helps those who are having trouble drawing her :D for this tutorial I used Paint.Net, but it doesn't realy matter what you use, pencil and paper or Photoshop it's all good.

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