How to Draw a Growling Wolf


So, before drawing any animal it's always a good idea to get a grasp of its anatomy. This drawing should come in handy when you are drawing the wolf's teeth as well.


I like doing practice sketches in order to get into the mood of a drawing. This step shows the stages of my sketching. Refer to this when working on the actual drawing especially once you start drawing in the fur.


Here are the pencils that I used for this drawing. The HB was used for sketching and dark shading. The 2H was used for light fine lines and the F was used for dark fine lines (mostly with the fur).


Step one is to sketch out the head with an HB pencil. Refer to the next step if you need help with this. Remember to keep your lines light.


Start out with a circle and sketch in the blue guidelines. Then sketch in the basic features (nose, mouth, and ears). Finally, outline the wolf's "mask."


Once you have your wolf sketched out use the HB to roughly shade in the darker patches of fur.


Next step involves using the F pencil to define the eyes.


Use the F pencil to add in fur around the eyes. Pay attention to line direction. Refer back to the reference sketch if you are having fur trouble. Also, MAKE SURE YOUR PENCILS ARE SHARP!


Now, define the snout wrinkles and nose a bit more.


Now use the F to shade in the wrinkles and nose.


Now alternate between the 2H and F to draw in the teeth and mouth. Use F for darker parts and H for the lighter and thinner lines.


Now start working your way around the outer edge of the head. Pay attention to my line direction. Remember to use F for dark fur and 2H for light.


Keep making your way around the head.


Now close in the forehead with fur.


Finish up the fur shading with the sideburns. All that's left now is a bit of detailing and clean-up.


Add a bit of shading to the background, define a few lines, and call it done. I hope you all enjoyed this tutorial or at least learned a thing or two from it!

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July 6, 2011

Description: Get your pencils ready, It's time to draw a snarling wolf!

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