How to Draw the Black Parade Skeleton


Start the first step by drawing out the lines and guides to form a frame for you skeleton character. Like a body you will need a head, torso and limb guides. Once that is one you can move to step two.


You will sketch out the shape of the skeleton's face along with the strap that is attached to the hat and chin.


Next, draw in the lid for the hat like so. It should be thicker then normal like a ring.


Continue to draw the hat, then draw in the feather on top of the hat.


We will work on the face next, this should be the small colored in eyes, nose and mouth. When that is done you can draw in the markings on the middle of the hat.


Next, draw the neck, and then the front part of the torso which is the curved chest.


Here you will draw in the tail of the jacket that is part of the uniform.


Next up, sketch in the arm which is also the sleeve, then draw in the skeleton's hand.


Here all you have to do is draw in the right arm, then sketch in the hand. Add the wrinkles on the sleeve for added texture and definition.


All you need to do now is draw in the baton, and when that is done add the lace that falls on the shoulder.


Add the marks on the chest which is also the design for the skeleton.


We can start drawing the legs. This is also the pants. Add the wrinkles and creases that makes up the detailing for the pants.


Add the thick stripe down the side of the leg or pant leg.


Draw in the foot or boot for your skeleton. I guess since the figure is bone, the foot isn't big.


Almost done folks. All you have to do here is draw in the other pant leg and like you did with the other, add the wrinkles.


You will draw the foot and then add the sole on the shoe. Erase the mistakes and call it a night chief.


After all is said and done here is what the line art looks like. Color in the drawing and you are done.

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June 26, 2017

Description: For those of you who are My Chemical Romance fans will know who this character or figure is because it is the Marching Skeleton from the video Black Parade. It's also the figure on the album cover of the same name. This lesson is going to be on "how to draw Black Parade skeleton", step by step. The skeletal figure doesn't have a name, but is often referred to as being the 'Marching Skeleton'. He is dressed in black wearing band attire as well as holding a baton. Drawing the Black Parade skeleton is going to be fun, but really exciting for all you MCR fans.

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