How to Draw Steven and Connie


Make two shapes for the head guides and then draw the guidelines for the face and upper body.


We will start with Steven. Draw the profile of his face and make sure that his cheeks are round. Add the curly hair line and then draw an ear.


Finish the hairstyle which should be puffy and curly. Add detailing inside his ear too.


Let's finish drawing Steven by giving him a face. Start with the eye, then add a nostril, mouth and detailing around the eyes. When that is done draw his upper body. This includes the tee-shirt with a star on the front. Lastly, draw the hand and you    


Draw the face and head shape for Connie, then draw the length of her curly hair.


Add her hairline and make sure that the hair frames her face. Draw the eyeglasses and then color in an eyebrow and thick closed eyelid.


This is the last drawing step. As you can see all you will do is draw Connie's upper body. This just consists of her shoulder, arm and some of her hand. Erase your mistakes and guides.


Here is the line art for the drawing of Connie and Steven. Color the couple in and that's all there is to it.

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February 21, 2017

Description: Everyone knows that Connie and Steven have the hots for each other and sometimes I don't even think that they know it. I guess you can say that Steven and Connie have a mutual crush. Because of this cute puppy love between the two couple, I wanted to make a tutorial on how to draw Steven and Connie together as close as can be. I didn't want to draw them kissing because that would be too Cliché. Instead, he is giving her an awkward stare as she reaches in to kiss him. I love how the drawing came out and I also like how the coloring actually looks like a clip from the cartoon. Enjoy drawing Connie and Steven, I will be back with more submissions for you all.

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