How to Draw Easter Hello Kitty


Like always we will start by drawing Hello Kitty's head shape like so and then sketch in a facial guideline.


You will then draw her pretty signature bow that is actually going to be part of the bunny ear headband.


Next, draw the band for the headband like so, and then thicken the shape you made in step one for her face.


Draw the top of her head as well as her bunny ears. I drew the right bunny ear tilted a bit for added cuteness.


Next, draw and color in her eyes. You will then need to draw her nose and add Hello Kitty's whiskers too.


Here is where you will draw the shape or outline of her torso in the form of her Easter dress. When that is done draw the legs like so, and move to step seven.


You are almost done folks so hang in there. The next thing you will do is draw the arms, hands and wicker basket filled with Easter eggs that she is holding in her right, or left hand. Add some crosshatching to the basket as well.


Lastly, draw the neckline for her dress, and then draw in the cute design pattern on the dress. You are now ready to clean up the mistakes so you can color Easter hello Kitty in.


Look how pretty she looks. Of course there is only one thing to do now, color her in using some pastel shades.

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March 9, 2012

Description: Yup, I did it again but only this time I turned Hello Kitty into a rabbit. People asked me for more Easter related tutorials so what better way to start submitting some Easter fun than to make a lesson on "how to draw Easter Hello Kitty", step by step. I had to ask some of my family members for a few ideas because I was sort of stumped on how to draw Hello Kitty dressed as a rabbit. After receiving no feedback that I could use, I decided that I could draw a pair of bunny ears on her head, and dress her up in a cute little Easter style dress that many little girls wear on the holy holiday. She is also holding a basket of eggs which she just found as she participated in an Easter egg hunt earlier. I think Hello Kitty came out so sweet and cute looking. She is definitely going to be on my eight year old sister's list of favorite outfits for Hello Kitty ever. I mean she already told me that she wanted the same dress that Kitty is wearing so they can look like twins. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this lesson on drawing Easter Hello Kitty. I will be back with another session of Livestream later tonight at 8pm eastern time. I hope to see you all there, as we will have more massive amounts of fun.

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