How to Draw Mermaid Hello Kitty


Begin with a good sized circle shape for her head and then sketch in a facial guideline like so.


Before drawing in her face, you will need to draw in her flowers that she is wearing in place of her bow. I was going to draw her signature bow, but I thought I would switch it up a bit.


Now that her tropical flowers are drawn in, you can thicken the shape you drew in step one for her face and head, as well as include her ear.


Use the face guide to draw in her eyes, nose and don't forget those adorable whiskers.


Next, draw her left or right arm, and then draw her mermaid style top in the form of flowers. With her arm you will also need to draw in her hand.


make a line to separate the shoulder from the arm, and then draw in her pearl bracelet.


For the last drawing step, simply draw in her mermaid style tail and fin like so. Add some simple wave like lines on her tail for scales and then clean up your drawing.


When all is said and done here is what your drawing of Mermaid Hello Kitty looks like. You can now tackle the task of coloring her in.

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March 4, 2012

Description: It's time for another Hello Kitty tutorial in a cute version that is going to be simple and fun to recreate. Since I made a mermaid in a sort of complex form, I thought novice artists would appreciate a lesson on simpler version but in Kitty form. Here is "how to draw Mermaid Hello Kitty", step by step. This is one of the cutest version of this Sanrio character that I have ever seen. She is fully equipped with her shell top, beach babe pearls, and a mermaid style tail. I would like for you guys to give me some suggestions as to what other forms you would like to see Hello Kitty in. Believe it or not, but Hello Kitty is a very popular figure that is used for tattoo art. She has been inked on bodies in so many forms it's not even funny. I think this is a great way to have fun and keep things simple while recreating a character from pop culture. No matter what some of you boys may think, this is one cool lesson to follow, and I bet a lot of you girls will be drawing mermaid Hello Kitty as soon as you see this lesson. I will be back either later, or tomorrow. I wanted to get some concept drawing done before I called it a night. Have fun guys and remember to leave me your feedback. Peace out and once again, enjoy!

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