How to Draw Usher

Artist: lozzababe090 / June 5, 2011

Step 1.

Before we begin DO NOT use any of my measurements i put down unless your using A4 paper as it won't look correct. So start by drawing a square of about one and a half centimeters from the top and sides. Then measure Four Centimeters from the bottom s   

Step 2.

Now to begin with the heads proportions start by taking your ruler to the middle of the page and drawing a downwards line.Repeat in the middle going in the opposite direction. Then Measure half of a centimeter on each side from the middle for his ear   

Step 3.

Now you need to draw two lines to show were the eyes and eyebrows go. The mark for the eyes is already done (middle line) so just label it "A" and "B" like the diagram. Now from my drawing i measured one and a half centimeters from the middle line up   

Step 4.

Now its time to draw the eyes and eyebrows. So once again if your using A4 paper like me then my measurements for the eyes were approximately two centimeters in from the middle and the edges for both eyes (consult the diagram for this part if you don   

Step 5.

You can rub out the two middle lines now as you won't be needing them anymore. Feel free to keep them their if you'd prefer to though. So now i've made four lines for the outline of the nose.Now its REALLY hard to explain so i'd suggest just followin   

Step 6.

From the previous measurements this is how the nose should look. He actually has a very wide-set nose so don't worry if it looks big as even if it is too big you can alter it later on. Remember to keep your work light (2B)

Step 7.

Now its time to both measure and add the mouth and plan out the ears. So you can get rid of the four parallel lines now from the previous diagram. So from my measurements the mouth ended at two and a half centimeters from the bottom. The edges of it    

Step 8.

I only made slight changes to this next part. So Rub out the lines that you used to measure out the mouth (Red Lines). Keep the blue lines their as you need these for the ears. You'll notice their is a red line added on top of his head, this is his h   

Step 9.

This is what the outline should look like once you've gotten rid of all the adjustment lines (including the centre line). I'd suggest once your happy with it you go over it lightly with a 4B pencil so you don't lose the lines.

Step 10.

Once your happy with the outline you can then add in the little parts that make Usher. So i added his beard and mustache, smile lines and eye lines. Keep these light as you'll be shading over most of these anyway. Then i marked parts that are lighter   

Step 11.

This is a tonal exercise for the people who need a little bit of practice before shading. As the top box shows start of really light and then as you proceed go heavier and heavier until the last box is black. I would suggest using a 4B pencil as Ushe   

Step 12.

As you can see his face is now completely shaded. I used really dark pencils for this (4B,6B,8B) and also charcoal in some places to shade it in.If your a beginner at shading i'd suggest to keep it light and slowly go darker. Follow the marks I made    

Step 13.

Close-up of eye,nose and mouth for shading reference.

Step 14.

This is what the image should look like at the end. I went back over the nose,forehead and lips with an eraser to lighten it. If you prefer you can use white ink instead though. Then i deepened the eyes,hair,beard,mustache and eyebrows. I personally    

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Artist: lozzababe090
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Description: Its my first ever tutorial so i really hope people like it. I've put it as advanced because i didn't explain the shading that much so you'd need to be more advanced in drawing to get it. I hope people like it :)