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Before we start || You will need a nice sketching pencil set (A.K.A Graphite pencils); you can find these at Walmart or Michaels art department. If you're in a ghost town without any stores, go to DickBlick and order yourself a nice set. To the right   


Ok, before we hop into any serious business, start off with a circle and crisscrossed guidelines. You can trace over a circular shape to get a perfect circle (or merely use a compass). The guides should be drawn quickly to yield proportioned facials.   


Next, let's work on his eyes. Because he is glaring with widened eyes, it may be difficult. You cannot draw the eyes way too big or he'll look anime or cartoon rather than a realistic person. Draw the shields of the nostrils to complete this step.


Then, we'll work on his pupils as well as his irises. Keep your distance within each pupil, trying to level them with one another. You don't want to have one pupil/iris bigger than it's opposite. Make sure you get those lids drawn nicely as well. Aft   


Working slowly, we'll flesh out his lips; the upper and lower. Notice how each mid section of the pupils align with the sides of his mouth. This a good proofer to make sure your eyes are well aligned. Sketch these parts in light!


Taking our time, we'll sketch in his only brow that appears on his face. His brows are thinner than most males, to fit his appearance. Don't forget to sketch in his mouth, starting with the upper front teeth first.


Then, flesh out his shoulders so we can start drawing his whacky hairstyle. Take your time, I know you're getting rather excited to draw his hair (or not). I found his hair fun to draw, mainly because it's so Justin Beiber! I find futuristic toupees    


Ah yes, the glory of finally stumbling upon the step to drawing Christofer's hair! We will first sketch the outer base of his hair, keeping in mind that it spikes in turfs of hair, or strands rather. Once you've finished outer layer, work on etched d   


Lastly, shade your Christopher! Move onto the first step to get information on the tools needed to shade him properly. If you have advanced shading skills, go all out and use the main tut image as reference. This of course, is for novice artists.


Here's the finished product, a Christofer all pimped out on paper, yo! (Don't forget to add his necklace!). I find the reference picture I used to resemble Jim Morrison's picture. In this picture of course, Chris is latching his hands onto his nipple   

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June 29, 2011

Description: Hey ya'll, Dawn here with another request tutorial, and if I say so myself, this guy was a bit difficult to paint and render a tutorial. "Drawing Christofer Drew Ingle", was fun, but at the same time, frustrating! I used a digital program to paint a picture of him (by first creating a lineart for the base); keeping a reference image at the side of me. The tutorial shown is probably my favorite, mainly because I break down for novices on the tools needed to shade and where to shade. So, get yourself a graphite sketching kit, nice textured A4 paper, and a kneaded eraser. Take your time at ALL TIMES! Never rush, because if you do, and you reject being patient, you'll totally flunk the entire drawing, even if there's ONE small detail off. I hope you'll have fun, so don't forget to show me your version on "How to draw Christopher Drew Ingle". Thanks!

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