How to Draw Bill Kaulitz, Tokio Hotel


For this tutorial you will need - 1 piece of A4 paper (landscape side) A 2B,4B,6B and 8B pencil,eraser,sharpener and white ink/ white acrylic paint. Begin by making a simple oval shape to the side using a light 2B pencil. I've added measurements i   


Now it's time to add the dividing line and the middle line (both in red). Keep it light as you might make a few mistakes before you get it completely spot on. Remember that because he's on an angle the middle line is actually near the top of the page   


As you'll see here theirs been two separate red lines added. The line to the left is the hairline. The line to the right is an adjustment to his face thats been added. Keep your adjustments light using the same 2B pencil.


Now its time to add the eyebrow and eye lines. keep them light and dotted like i did so you can easily rub them out. The eye line is already drawn (middle line) so just label this "A" and "B". Then you can draw in the eyebrow line (blue line). Keep i   


Now it's time to draw the eyes and eyebrows using the lines you drew to help. I'd suggest to do the eyes first. Keep them light and draw them like i did (Do the top and bottom of the eye thick as this is were the eyeliner will go later on). Do the ey   


Rub out the centre and eyebrow lines before you continue. Now it's time to draw the mouth,nose and ear lines. Keep both of the lines sloped like in the diagram. Label the mouth line "E" and "F". Label the nose and ear line "G" and "H".


Its now time to add the nose,mouth and ear. Start of with the nose,keep it light. As you can see the tip of the nose ends at the bottom of the line and the right side of the nose is really near the centre line. For the ear make sure the bottom of it    


Rub out the two lines you added previously and the centre line before proceeding.In this diagram i added in the hair lines and the neck lines. Copy these as closely as you can. The red lines represent the hair and the blue lines represent the top and   


Before you begin shading it's a good idea to add in the parts that need darker highlights and lighter highlights. So the red lines represent lighter parts. The blue lines represent darker parts. Only use these as a reference point when your shading.    


TONAL TIP 1 - The first box is a shading exercise for beginners. Its called a "grey scale" box. Draw a row of squares, not too big. Leave the first one blank and the second one shaded as lightly as possible. As you proceed along go heavier and heav   


TONAL TIP 2 - For this shading exercise i've included a number of boxes which have different ways of shading in each. I've labeled each box so you can see how to achieve them. Try to copy each box as closely as possible.


This is what he looks like without the guidelines for shading. Keep it light using a 4B pencil. Use the 2B pencil for the parts that you'll be darkening on the face in step 14. Use your pencil in a sideways motion like i did. TIP - When shading in t   


FOR SHADING REFERENCE - This is a close-up of his left eye,nose and mouth. This should help you when your darkening each of these in the next step.


This is the fun step were you get to darken the previous shaded parts and you begin to develop his face more and more. Make sure you now use your darker pencils here (4B,6B,8B). Step 13 should help show you how to deepen the nose,eyes and mouth. Next   


Finally the last stage! If your especially good at shading you won't even need to do this stage. This is the part were you lighten the pupils and the mouth if the natural white of the paper isn't shining through. You can either use white ink or a goo   

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June 6, 2011

Description: Bill Kaulitz (born 1 September 1989 in Leipzig, German Democratic Republic) is a German singer, songwriter, voice actor, designer and model. Most people know him from the band Tokyo Hotel. I must say for a guy he has the nicest eyes!

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