How to Draw a Minion from Despicable Me, Grus Minions


Start off by drawing a circle for the head, then another odd circle for the body. Sketch in the facial guidelines.


You will now make a thickened line to start drawing the head. Add some sprigs of hair like so, then proceed to step three.


Okay, one of the signature things about these minions is their big goggles or glasses. You will draw the shapes of the glasses, then draw in the mouth and more of the head on the sides.


Next, draw in the frames, then draw the eyes including coloring in the pupils.


Draw almost the whole body, then draw in the straps for the Minion's farmer jean jumpsuit style overalls, then draw in the arms, and half the gloves.


Here we will finish the arms by drawing in the hands in the form fists. Draw the end to the jumpsuit, then draw the patch on the front.


You will end this step by drawing the legs, and shoes. Add detailing to create the soles, then you are done so begin erasing your mistakes.


That's it, now all you have to do is enjoy coloring in one of Gru's Minions.

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July 11, 2013

Description: Since I never did a full fledged lesson on one of those yellow helpers from the movie Despicable Me, I thought since the sequel was out, and because since people keep asking for it, I would show you "how to draw a Minion from Despicable Me". This adorable minion is one of the brightest supposedly evil characters I have ever seen. I know I should have made a lesson a long time ago on this character, but it totally slipped my mind as to doing more characters from the film. They are often heard talking to each other saying this sentence over and over again "No, no, no. Pa POY. Pa POY!". They are cute, funny and memorable so I hope you have fun drawing one of Gru's Minions. Peace out people.

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