How to Draw Skinny People, Draw Skinny Bodies

Artist: MauAcheron / June 24, 2012

Step 1.

As you can see on a skinny people's skin his/her skeleton, firstly, I would like to show for you a skeleton base for your drawing. It's not the most realistic skeleton, just a base for the drawing. If you want to know about this more, you need to sea   

Step 2.

We start with a really sad part, because it's a realistic thing. On the earth live a lot of skinny children, who can't eat enough where they live. If your story is about this thing, or about Ethiopian children, or a sad children story, you need to kn   

Step 3.

And now, here we are an other typical thing, when we can see a skinny woman. This happening because of the anorexia, but of course, it could happen because of illnes too, but the reason is most of them that because they want to be more skinny. You ca   

Step 4.

It's not too typical, but possible too. If your choice, that you want to draw a skinny man, here the reference for this. As I said, just follow the skeleton's form!

Step 5.

It's not because of illnes, but everybody will be more skinny, when will be more older later. Our skin is lost the water, when people are older, that's why our skin is follow our bones' form, and most of us will be more skinny. Of course, it's depend   

Step 6.

We are here in the "How to Draw skinny people" part! Firstly, draw the base lines of the girl.

Step 7.

Firstly, draw the face's shape!

Step 8.

Draw the eyes base form with the eyes too!

Step 9.

Draw the base line of her nose and her mouth. It's not too heavy yet.

Step 10.

Draw the details of her eyes, her nose and her mouth!

Step 11.

And now, draw the inner part of her ears, and the lines of her eyebrows. As I just draw one-one line for them, it's not hard.

Step 12.

And now, draw the base form of her neck. Of course, it's not thinny, just the hair will hide a part of the neck.

Step 13.

Now draw the little lines, what you can see now, how skinny this girl on your picture.

Step 14.

And here we are, the hair part. As I said, her hair is hide a part of her neck, draw the base form of hair!

Step 15.

As a finish, draw the details, the little lines of her hair, now you can see how looks like when finished.

Step 16.

As the next bigger part, draw the upper body's base form. Because of her pose, you need to draw her arms base form too.

Step 17.

Draw the lines on her upper body, what are separate the parts from eachother, for example her clothes, and her arms. Be careful, because her arms are really skinny!

Step 18.

Now draw her hip, and her belt part!

Step 19.

Draw the little details on her body! The little lines are show, how skinny body, what she has got.

Step 20.

And now, as the last step, draw the details, little lines on her clothes! You can see now, that as she is really skinny, she doesn't have too typical and womanly body.

Step 21.

And this is the end of the "How to Draw skinny people" tutorial! I really enjoy to drawing this tutorial with you, guys, and I hope, you like it too. Now, the only thing, what you need, to go, and color your skinny character! Good work, guys!

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Artist: MauAcheron
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Description: Here my tutorial about skinny people, because sometimes some character what we want to draw have that's type of body. It's not always healthy and good, so here some tips for you in the drawing!