How to Draw Cute Puppies, Cute Puppies

Artist: MauAcheron / September 11, 2011

Step 1.

For the first step, here my version, how i change the normal puppy for the cute puppy version. As I said in the cute bunnies tutorial, the puppies cute in the real too, so, it's just an easier figure for the drawing.

Step 2.

Maybe the dogs, when they are grown up not too cute, or beautiful, but when they are puppy, they are all of them are really cute, the species never mind. The kind of dogs is really lot, but here some examples for you. :)

Step 3.

Here some poses example for you, guys! The puppies are cute, never mind what they do, so it's just some example. If you watch videos about puppies, or realy puppies, they do a lot of things, and poses, when they are really cute, so you can catch a lo   

Step 4.

And for the last step, here some example for the emotions of puppies. They are always play, so in the most of time, if they have emotions, these always joyful, and playful.

Step 5.

For the beginning of the puppy drawing, for the first step, draw the base lines of the puppy. It will be a big help for later.

Step 6.

So, let's start it! Draw the base form of the puppy head, and ears.

Step 7.

And now, after that, draw the base form of the eyes.

Step 8.

The next step is the base form of the nose and the mouth.

Step 9.

Now, draw the mouth's under part, and some lines for the ears too.

Step 10.

Finish the part of the eyes with the pupils, and finish the ears too. After that, draw the base form of the tongue.

Step 11.

Fluffy furry part! Draw the furry lines on the puppy head.

Step 12.

And finish the tongue, and draw some little line of his/her head.

Step 13.

And here the finish step of the puppy head drawing, draw the splodges on her/his furry. In this tutorial, the main puppy is a german shepherd dog, so, his/her splodges will black.

Step 14.

And here we are the second part of the tutorial, draw the base form of the puppy body.

Step 15.

Now, the next step is the lines, what are separate the bodyparts from eachother, like the legs from the main body.

Step 16.

Draw the toes, and the little lines of the main body and legs too.

Step 17.

And now, finish the base form's lines with some little line.

Step 18.

And of course, the little cute puppies have little paws too, these are always important, when you draw little cute animals. ;)

Step 19.

As on the head, here we need to draw splodges too. This is the finishing part of the puppy drawing.

Step 20.

And now, here your cute puppy, and after this, the only thing, what you need to do, color her/his! Great work, guys!

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Artist: MauAcheron
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Description: And other new tutorial about other new cute animals! And of course the little puppies cute too (maybe the most cutest)! So, enjoy my newest "How to Draw cute puppies" tutorial!