How to Draw Skeleton Lovers


Draw circles for the heads and then draw the jaw shapes. Add the neck lines like so and move to step two.


Start on the right and draw the head shape by defining the circle you made in step one. Also incorporate jaw structure and then add the edge of the nose.


Up next, draw in the mouth which is the dimpled gum line and all the teeth. Also sketch in the bone creation and definition as well as the brow bone.


Finish the shape of the eye and when you do this you need to thicken the lower part of the eye. Sketch in some cracks on the skull and add the rest of the indent detailing on the temple of the skull.


Finish the male skeleton by drawing the layers of vertebra starting under the head and flowing all the way down.


We will begin drawing the female skeleton the exact same way you did the male.


Draw in the hair which is a combed back style that forms a bun.


Draw the cheek bones, jaw bones and then draw the dimpled gum line along with the teeth. Don't forget that brow bone line.


Finish the face by completing the eye. When that is done draw the cracks on the skull and the rest of the temple bones.


Lastly, draw the female vertebra from the base of the skull all the way down until you form a shape that resembles a heart. Erase your mistakes and guidelines.


Color in the image and you are done. Upload your artwork and show friends and family your new masterpiece.

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June 29, 2015

Description: For the last two lessons I will fill you up with some really cool tattoo concepts that I think you will all enjoy. This is the first of the two and it's on how to draw skeleton lovers, step by step. As you can see these skeletons are supposed to represent a man and woman still in lover even after death. Their hearts remain one as they lay side by side in the cemetery ground. I had a lot of fun with this concept and I only hope that you all do too. Stick around because the grand finale is next.

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