How to Draw RoboCop

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Start off by making an egg shape for the outline of RoboCop's head. Sketch in the facial guidelines as well for the mask.


Define the shape of the head and face just by going over the guides you just made.


Next up, sketch out the marking line that frames the lower portion of RoboCop's face. This is from the helmet or mesh under the helmet.


Next, draw in the rim line from the helmet that covers the whole entire head leaving only the mouth and some of his cheeks visible. Add detailing on the side of the head or mask as well.


Lastly, sketch in the frown lines around the mouth coming from the nose under the helmet, then sketch in RoboCop's lips or mouth. You will then add detailing to the face for added texture and to create the expression. Once that is done you can draw t   


Here is the finished product when you are done with your drawing or sketch. You might want to color this drawing in to bring RoboCop to life, or add some shading.

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November 4, 2013

Description: For those of you who care to know, there is a remake going on for the 1980's movie 'RoboCop'. I thought it would be cool to make a lesson based on the new version of this half human, half robot cop that tries to bring civility to the city by cleaning the streets of garbage. It's going to be very hard competing with the original movie because it was so awesome. This tutorial is going to show you "how to draw RoboCop", step by step. The new version is expected to be in theaters sometime in 2014. Although the suit is different for RoboCop, they still managed to keep things similar with a Batman costume twist. I'm not sure how the remake will be, but I will remain optimistic and hopefully you will too. Have fun drawing RoboCop guys and I will be back a bit later with other lessons for you all.

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