How to Draw Riley Freeman from The Boondocks

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This is going to be another easy character to draw. Top start, first draw a circle for his head, add the facial guidelines, and then draw the shape of the jaw or chin. You will then draw out the canon like body shape of his torso and then add the lim   


Now in this next step you will draw out the mean looking shape of the eyebrows as shown and then draw his nose and mean mouth. If you notice the eyes and mouth of these characters look similar to anime characters. You will then draw the shape of the    


Well you have made it to the third step and you know what that means right? Good, you are have way done. You will start this step by drawing the curled lines on his head for his corn-rows and then draw the top lids of his eyes. Next detail the mouth    


Okay to make the corn-rows look like they are attached to his head you will draw the hair line in his forehead in individual arches as shown. You will then add his eyes, his ears and the back of his hair. Detail and finish the outline of his tee-shir   


Yay! You made it to the last step and I bet your relieved about that huh? Now that you are almost done you will finish the shape of the right arm and then give Riley some collar bones. You will then detail the inside of his ears and detail his shirt    


Well that is it you are done. All you have to do now is color him in. I hope you liked this tutorial on how to draw Riley Freeman from The Boondocks step by step. I will be back so stay tuned kiddies.

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October 18, 2008

Description: I already wrote about and submitted a tutorial on Huey Freeman from “The Boondocks” with my first tutorial. I figured that I would do a tutorial on his eight year old brother because he is cool looking. So right now I will be showing you how to draw Riley Freeman from “The Boondocks” step by step. Now even though Huey and Riley are brothers, they both express their inner anger in totally different ways. Riley likes to “keep it gangsta” which means he tries to stay “real” to himself and other people he gets acquainted with. Riley has the typical style of any hard core gangsta; he wears over sized tee’s baggy jeans, and a pair of Timberlands or other boots that look similar to the name brand. He keeps his hair in neat corn-rows and tries to stay as clean as possible. In one episode he wanted to get real ghetto so he changed his last name from Riley to Escobar. He loves listening to rap and because of that his personality is rap culture based. One of his favorite idols that he looks up to is 50 Cent and he previously placed a temporary tattoo on his body that said “Thug Blood”. Unfortunately though the tattoo winded up getting washed off and all he was left with was the phrase “Hug Boo”, and that is not a tough sounding gangsta phrase at all. His character portrayal is sometimes funny because he tries to be too gangsta. Instead of keeping a low profile by not getting into trouble like his big brother Huey, Riley is almost always getting into trouble which is what a majority of the episodes are about. Because he is so driven by gangsta rap, his decisions are influenced by the songs he listens to. Riley is also his granddad's right hand man when they try and pull off different schemes that are concocted by the two. Huey thinks his brother is just another misguided black youth and he tries to knock some sense into him on occasion. Even though I don’t watch the show too much, I still like Riley and Granddad because they can sometimes be hilarious. There was this one episode where Granddad was dating a prostitute for a while and her pimp eventually came and got her. The pimp is sometimes seen in various episodes wearing a genuine purple pimped out suit with the feather in the hat and all. This is a fun tutorial to tackle and I hope you like learning how to draw Riley Freeman from “The Boondocks step by step. I will be back in a while with some more fun tutorials so stay seated and stay drawing until I return.

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