How to Draw Max Payne

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Okay are you ready? Good, first start with draw a long oval shape for Max Payne's head and then add the facial guidelines in the middle so that you will be able to draw the eyes, nose, and mouth in proportion. Next draw a straight vertical line for t   


Okay now since the drawing of Max Payne is half silhouette, you will only be drawing out the right side of his face. So in this step you will add the outline of the facial frame which will look like a mask and then add a small almond shape for the ey   


Now as you can see once you are done with this step your Max Payne should start taking form. You will first sketch out the shape of his head and hair which is kind of crazy and messy looking. Then start making the lining of his chin and jaw shape. Yo   


You will start preparing Max's face for color in this step so what you will do is draw a wild looking circle around his right eye and then add the collar of his jacket. Detail the front lining of his coat and then move onto the next drawing step.


Well here you have it your last drawing step. You will first start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one. Once you have done that you can start coloring in all the area's that are red in this step, black. When you are done y   


Well here he is. your drawing should come out looking like the one you see here. I hope you liked this tutorial on how to draw Max Payne step by step. I will be back with three more drawing tutorials for you all so stay tuned folks.

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October 17, 2008

Description: Well here is another awesome drawing tutorial on a character that is in movie theatres around the United States and other countries starting today October 17th. So, for my second drawing lesson I will be showing you how to draw Max Payne step by step. As you know Max Payne started out as a video game character that was created by the same team that brought you the Grand Theft Auto series. Now, I know I loved all of the GTA games especially Vice City and San Andreas. I can not sit here and tell you all that I am extremely familiar with the Max Payne game series because I am not. The only game I played but never beaten was the first Max Payne which was released for the Playstation 2 back in 2001. I know that the Max Payne game was first a computer shoot em up game and then they turned this popular third party shooting video game into console format. I like the character of Max Payne because he is a no nonsense type of guy. His story is kind of similar to the back ground plot of “The Punisher” from Marvel Comics. Like the Punisher, Max Payne finds himself in a difficult situation. But for Max it is when he returns home from a trip. He runs into some street junkies that are drugged up with a new stash called Valkyr. After they attack him he later finds his wife and infant daughter killed by the very same hands that attacked him. He later joined up with the DEA and three years later he becomes an undercover cop to find the dealer that makes the same drug that doped up the two people that killed his family. So he immediately starts investigating the Punchinello mob family because rumor has it that they are responsible for the new narcotic that has hit the streets. I personally love the game I can't wait to play the new Max Payne 2 and I can't wait to see Max Payne the movie. If you was to ask me what I wanted more; to see Max Payne or play Max Payne. I would have to say to see Max Payne. That is because Mark Wahlberg is playing the video game character and I think he is very cute indeed. Well maybe it is time that we move onto the tutorial steps instead of just sitting here talking about the Max Payne character shall we? I hope you have fun learning how to draw Max Payne step by step. I tried making the steps easy to follow and understand. Hopefully you learn something new with this drawing lesson. I will be back with three more tutorials in a bit so stay tuned kiddies.

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