How To Draw Richard Pryor, Richard Pryor

Artist: MichaelY / July 2, 2013

Step 1.

To draw the infamous comedian, Richard Pryor, we should first sketch out some basic guide lines. Use a 2H or harder pencil and draw very lightly so that the lines are easy to erase later on after we ink. Sketch the basic oval shape of the head, as we   

Step 2.

Now that we have our guide lines in place, let's draw the eyes. They should rest evenly on the horizontal construction line. They are roughly one eye width apart from each other. Make sure that the iris and pupils are perfectly round and are facing t   

Step 3.

Pryor has very thick, bushy eyebrows. They rest low on the forehead, just above the eyes. They are fairly straight across and point down slightly on the ends. Draw short, curved creases on the inner corners where the brow is furrowed.

Step 4.

His nose is thin at the top, and wide at the bottom, creating almost a bell shape or tall triangle. The tip of his nose is rounded, and we should be able to clearly see his nostrils at this angle.

Step 5.

His mouth should be about half way between the nose and chin. The mouth can be agape. The upper lip raises high up in the middle, and the lower lip should be thicker than the upper. We should be able to see his lower teeth, but not the upper. Draw th   

Step 6.

Now draw the contours of his head and jaw line. He has large cheek bones and a large chin, making his head very oval shaped. The chin should have a dimple in the center of it.

Step 7.

The ears will appear to rest low on the head from this angle. The tops of the ears should align with the middle of the nose, and the bottoms align with the upper lip. His ears stick out far from his head, and we should be able to see the left ear mor   

Step 8.

Pryor is known for having an afro haircut. The hair is very thick and well groomed. Is should wrap around his skull and be very rounded. Don't worry about drawing individual hairs since we will black it out later.

Step 9.

He's also known for having a large mustache. It's part of his signature look. The mustache should start below his nose and fall down to the corners of his mouth, creating an upside-down V shape. It should be fairly thick.

Step 10.

Pryor has a long neck. It's almost as wide as his head. Notice how the lines of his neck are not perfectly straight, vertical lines. Instead, they have curvatures to them. The bottom of the neck can be cut off by a curved line for the collar of the s   

Step 11.

Draw the upper shoulders of his shirt, which should be fairly simple. Just be sure that the shoulders slope downwards and that there are several creases emerging from behind his neck.

Step 12.

Now that we're done penciling the image, let's ink it using either Micron markers or a brush and ink. Be patient and make sure not to go over any unneeded guide lines. Use a circular ellipse tool to help ink the eyes if you need to. When the ink is d   

Step 13.

Let's add greater depth to the image by giving it shadow. Establish the light source, and in this case it is coming from in front of his face, so there shouldn't be too many heave shadows. The heaviest shadow should be beneath his jaw line. Also blac   

Step 14.

If you need to make corrections, you can use opaque white paint or white ink. Take this time to make any final modifications to your image. And that, my friends, is how you draw the legendary Richard Pryor!

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