How To Draw Katt Williams, Katt Williams

Artist: MichaelY / July 2, 2013

Step 1.

To draw Katt Williams, we should first sketch out some basic construction lines. Use a 2H or harder pencil and sketch very lightly so that the lines are easy to erase later on after we ink. Sketch the basic oval shape of the head, neck, and upper sho   

Step 2.

Let's draw the eyes first. They should rest evenly on the horizontal construction line, and be slightly high on the head in this case. They should be opened wide and looking directly at us. Use a circular ellipse tool or compass to help draw the iris   

Step 3.

The eyebrows should be raised high on the forehead. He has thin eyebrows that do not arch significantly.

Step 4.

Use the vertical construction line to help place the nose in the center of the face. We should be able to clearly see the underside of his nose and nostrils. He has wide, rounded nostrils, but the bridge of his nose if fairly thin.

Step 5.

His mouth should be wide open, as if playfully yelling at us. Be sure to add volume to his upper and lower lips. Notice how the underside of the lower lip has a bump in the middle. We should be able to clearly see his tongue which is covering his low   

Step 6.

Now draw the contours of his face. Katt has high cheekbones that create small visible bumps on the sides of his head, just below eye level. His face is slender and gradually curves inwards as it nears the chin, which is rounded.

Step 7.

His ears will appear to rest low at this angle. The tips should align with the lower edge of his eyes, and the bottoms should align with his upper lip. Draw numerous creases inside the ears. Give him a pair of square, diamond earrings for bling.

Step 8.

Katt has relatively long hair. It is very straight and is brushed out of his face, causing it to fall to the sides of his head and the tips start to curl upwards creating a bell shape silhouette. We will black out the hair later, so it's not necessar   

Step 9.

He usually has facial hair of some kind, so let's give him a thin goatee beard. The whiskers should wrap around the mouth on all sides and get a little longer on the bottom of the chin. There should be a patch of whiskers directly beneath the lower l   

Step 10.

Draw his neck with a dress shirt collar around the base. The neck is almost as wide as his head, and the collar should be higher up in the back than in the front.

Step 11.

Give him a suit coat, which we should only see the upper shoulders of. We should be able to see the collar of the jacket wrapping around the base of his neck.

Step 12.

Now that we are done penciling the image we can ink it. Use either Micron markers, or a brush and India ink to do your inking. A brush works great when inking hair, since it allows you to feather nicely. Carefully go over each line with patience and    

Step 13.

You can add a greater sense of depth to the image by giving it shadow. Use either a thick felt tip marker, or a brush and ink to do so. Establish your light source, and in this case it is coming from directly in front of him, so there won't be too ma   

Step 14.

If you need to make any corrections you can use white ink or opaque white paint. You can also use it to add highlights, such as to the hair. And that's how you Katt Williams! Very nice!

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