How to Draw Reiji from Diabolik Lovers

Artist: Dawn / October 30, 2015

Step 1.

Make the almond shaped head guide and then sketch in the guidelines for the face, neck and shoulders.

Step 2.

Define the shape of the face and then draw in the long bangs which are uneven and layered.

Step 3.

Using the guidelines draw the very wide shapes for the eyes and then draw the frames for the eyeglasses. Add the nose and mouth, then proceed to step four.

Step 4.

We will now sketch out the shape of the head which also happens to be the hairstyle. There are uneven sporadic layers.

Step 5.

Draw the shape of the neck and then draw the wide shoulders and opening to his suit jacket.

Step 6.

Add seam line to the shoulders and sleeves, and then draw in the tie. Erase the mistakes and guides then you're done.

Step 7.

Here is the line art for your new character drawing. Now just color him in and that's it.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: October 30, 2015
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Description: Here is a character from an anime I am not at all familiar with. Up next we will be working on a lesson that will show you how to draw Reiji Sakamaki from Diabolik Lovers, step by step. He is listed as being the third main character, but first to his fans. He is tall, has a very professional look about his appearance, and wears glasses. Drawing Reiji is going to be fun and not too complicated to recreate. Thanks folks for joining me for another lesson. I will be back soon.