How to Draw Real Hair


Alright, let's start by drawing some curly/frizzy hair. Start by drawing the bald head. Pot as much detail as you want into it.


Next, outline the basic shape of the hair then shade it in.


Time to start adding the curls. This is where shading in the hair's form comes in handy. Instead of having to draw out each lock of hair you can just erase them in then outline them with a pencil. Remember to keep them natural and flowing. Curls tend   


Continuing with the adding of locks from front to back,


Here is the result of erasing and outlining all of the locks of hair.


Now you can start shading from back to front. Remember to follow the flow of the hair and not just scribble in lines.


Here is the final result. You don't necessarily have to draw in each strand of hair. Just leave hints of strands here and there to add to the realism.


Alright, lets work with some long hair. Again start by drawing the bald head. Keep the area around the form shaded.


Now erase the basic form of the hair in. It is the same principle used for the previous style only a bit backwards.


Now you can start erasing in the strands of hair. Don't get too obsessed with detail here. Just remember not to make the strands too mechanical and straight.


Using a fine tipped pencil or a mechanical pencil add in as many single strands of hair as you can stand to. The more you add, the more detailed and realistic it will look.


If you don't have a fine tip white marker you can call the previous step the last one, but if you do have one you should add some highlights here and there to add more contrast and depth to your drawing. And with that we can move on to the final draw   


Here is a nifty technique for drawing bleach blonde hair. Start with a bald head again. This time you want the area around the head clean and unshaded.


Now we can outline the basic shape of the hair.


After lightly shading in the basic hair use the erasing technique to erase in the strands of hair. No need to outline them yet.


This is one of the most crucial/difficult steps. Make as dark of an outline as you can around the hair. Remember to factor in a few loose strands here and there.


Expand the darkness of the outline and blend it into the background. Note how much more contrast you have now.


Now you can ever so lightly start adding some defining line to the hair. Compare this step with the previous one closely and try to find all of the differences. They are minute but important. Don't overlook the line the separates her cheek from her h   


Now we can start the heavy detailing. This step shows how I started from tip to root when detailing the hair. Again, let the hair flow and curl naturally. Since all of the other steps dealt with light shading, this step will involve dark outlines. Do   


And finally here is the result of taking the previous step all the way and erasing in some highlights.


And there we have our three complete drawings! I hope this was helpful. If there any specific hairstyles that you need help with let me know and I will see what I can do!

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December 4, 2010

Description: Here's my attempt to teach "<em><strong>how to sketch hair</em></strong>", step by step. Since there are oh so many hair styles I thought it better to share a few of my techniques for drawing certain hair styles/types. Lets get started!

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