How to Draw Rainbow Dash, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

Artist: PuzzlePieces / July 1, 2011

Step 1.

First we'll start off, like in all of the other tutorials, with a frame that we might work off of. The head is round and the body is a sort of potato like shape. We'll make sure to mark out the face too while we're at it.

Step 2.

Now we'll draw the shape of the head, making sure to draw along where the nose will come down.

Step 3.

Let's give her a fun and quirky smirk, like she's thinking that she's better than one of the other ponies.

Step 4.

Now for her rainbow colored mane. It always looks as if it was swept back by the wind, which isn't surprising considering that she's flying around all day long at the speed of rainbows.

Step 5.

We'll draw her neck, chest and forelegs now, giving her a fun pose as we do.

Step 6.

The belly and the flank will come next along with her hind legs. Don't forget to draw the joint at the back of the leg.

Step 7.

After that we'll add her powerful wings. She has four segments on her wings.

Step 8.

We'll add her tail next, making it stick out here and there a little as if it were windswept like here mane.

Step 9.

And last but not least, her rainbow lightning bolt cutie mark. I showed it big you give you a little help while drawing it.

Step 10.

And now you're ready to color her!

Step 11.

And this is what she'll look like when she's all done. I hope you guys liked this tutorial and I can't wait to share more with you!

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Artist: PuzzlePieces
Date Added: July 1, 2011
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Description: I know it's been like forever since I last put up any tutorials guys but I'm back and hopefully to stick around this time too. I got a rocking new tutorial that is certain to make your drawings about 20% cooler. You know her, you love her, you want to be like her. It's a How to Draw Rainbow Dash tutorial! If you haven't seen the new My little Pony cartoon yet, you need to get on that. It's amazing and full of Fun characters, like that one I'm going to teach you how to draw today. Let's get started!