How to Draw Luna, Princess Luna, My Little Pony


Make two circle shapes, one for the head and the other for the body. You will then draw in the guides for the face and neck.


You will now start sketching out the shape of Luna's muzzle and then her mouth and jaw line. Draw the ear and then make the curl for her mane.


In this step all you will be doing is drawing out her large almond shaped eye and then draw in the eyeball. Add some lashes and be sure that the top lid line is thick or bold.


Continue to draw out Luna's mane until it's long and nicely relaxed on her neck, and falling down the side of her face. Draw in the horn and add the stripes, and then draw her tiara or crown.


Draw the front part of her neck and as you can see it turns into a chest. Draw the first front leg, and then draw out the hoof.


Now it's time to draw out the wings and notice how the ends of the feathers are parted into pieces.


Draw the other front leg like so, and then proceed to step two.


Draw in the stomach like so, and then draw the back legs and her butt end.


Draw out the long, puffy tail and make sure that the lining is done to form curls. Curl up the tip of the tail with the pose of her beautifully combed puffy tail.


Before you start drawing in the markings on Luna's body, you will have to clean up the drawing. Do this by erasing the guides and mistakes you may have made along the tutorial journey. Make the markings on the hooves, and then draw in her cutie mark    


Here is the line art of Luna when you are all done. Now you can tackle the task of coloring her in to perfection. I hope you liked learning to draw Princess Luna.

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August 21, 2011

Description: I have one last tutorial on a character from the My Little Pony series. She is all purple, and has a horn because she too is a unicorn. I will show you "how to draw Luna", step by step. Like her older sister Celestia, she too is a princess. Other Ponies refer to her as Princess Luna, but it wasn't all fun, love, and games for Luna in the past. I say this because Luna used to be known as Nightmare Moon before she turned back into her normal self. She was able to become Princess Luna again with the help of the Elements of Harmony. It’s hard to believe that Luna was once a jealous, vengeful, condescending pony that didn’t care for anything or anyone. When she was Nightmare Moon, her entire coat was black, and she wore a mask over her face. Now she is a dreamy purple with a beautiful flowing mane and tail. Her cutie mark is a crescent moon lying on a dark colored purple background. She is going to be rather simple to tackle, and I think that most of you will find that learning "how to draw Luna" is going to be fun. I shall return in a bit guys so keep those pencils in your hand.

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