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How to Draw Loki, Step by Step

Artist: Avengers1118 / September 17, 2013
How to Draw Loki, Step by Step

Step 1.

First we are going to draw the outline of his head. Be sure to draw the pointed thing on top of the head outline, to show where part of his helmet is.

Step 2.

Now we add the left side of his helmet. Be sure to add the line going up to show one of the antennas on his helmet.

Step 3.

Now we will start on his neck and the collar of his costume. Also draw the bottom part of the other side of his helmet. That part should stop at his chin, just like the other side.

Step 4.

Now we start on the top of his helmet and the right side of it. Draw the other antennae on it and start going up on the part that is near his chin. Also add the final touch to his collar.

Step 5.

Now we finish the right side of his helmet.

Step 6.

Now for the hard part, his face. We will use the part of his helmet for his nose. Draw a line that goes down, but make sure it isn't just straight, it needs to have some wave to it like the one I drew. After you think the nose looks good we'll draw h   

Step 7.

Now we draw the iris in both his eyes and his mouth. I drew his mouth kind of straight so he looks serious.

Step 8.

Now we do the detail in his eyes. Draw his pupil inside the iris and draw some light reflecting off his eye if you want to. Then shade in behind his eyes.

Step 9.

Finally we do some shadows on him. And then you can color him or just shade him in with a pencil.

Step 10.

Now you have done Loki the brother of Thor and the want to be king of Asgard!Have fun shading him or coloring! Stay tuned for more Avengers tutorials!

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Artist: Avengers1118
Date Added: September 17, 2013
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Tags: how to draw avengers characters, how to draw the avengers
Description: Here is another Avengers tutorial. How to draw Loki. This on I did with a sketch pad an HB 2 pencil and an eraser. I didn't do this one on Microsoft paint I just took photos of it step by step. So let's draw Loki!