How to Draw Puss in Boots, Shrek


Lets get this kitty drawn in shall we? First make a circle for the head, and then a hot dog shape for the body. Add some facial guidelines and move along to step two.


Begin sketching out Puss' face starting with the left cheek, and right side profile. You will then use the face guides to draw in the shapes of the eyes.


The first thing you want to do here is finish drawing out the eyes, and then move on to sketch in his mouth and nose area. Add some whiskers and color in his pupils.


Draw out the hat which is very bold and intimidating. Be sure to add the feather which is a very distinct part of Puss' image. When that is done add some detailing and move along to step five.


The further you go the more your Shrek figure is completed. Now you will begin drawing out the shoulders, left arm, chest, waist, and then stomach. Notice the lump on the right part of the waist which is his hand.


Draw the hand guard for Puss' sword which is shaped like a saucer. Next, draw in the blade, and then draw the belt.


Draw the two tined marked line that covers the length of the chest and stomach. Once that is done draw the folded flaps of Puss' boots, and then draw in his tail.


You are now ready to finish this drawing on Puss in Boots by completing the rest of the boots and detail the flaps. Erase the guides and lines that you drew in step one and then you're done.


You are ready to start coloring in your drawing on Puss in Boots from Shrek. I hope you had fun, and I also hope you tackle the other lessons on his friends.

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June 6, 2011

Description: I have a lesson on Puss in Boots but it’s not drawn to look like the one we know and love from the Shrek series. I thought it would be fun to make another tutorial on "how to draw Puss in Boots", step by step but this time I will be showing you how to make Puss from Shrek. He is one of my favorite figures from Shrek and ever since then, he is one of the reasons why I like watching the movie over and over again. Puss has a very distinct personality and a set type of behavior. As you know in the beginning, he was hired to destroy Shrek but after a little coaxing, he made friends with Shrek in no time at all. Drawing Puss was fun because the whole time I was sketching him out, all I kept thinking about is how funny he is. There is no hard way to draw Puss in Boots unless you are absolutely new to drawing. Other than that you should have fun creating another character that makes Shrek the movie that it is today, and all the other days that go by. I hope you enjoy this tutorial; I will be back with more drawing fun. Peace out people and be sure to keep those requests rolling in.

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