How to Draw Donkey from Shrek

How to Draw Donkey from Shrek
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In this first step you will be drawing out the guidelines and circle shapes to create a solid frame for Donkey. Start by drawing out a circle for the top part of his head and then sketch in facial guidelines. Now draw a big oblong circle shape for hi   


In this next step you will be drawing the shape of his ears, eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. Now draw out a part of his neck and the front of his leg as you see in red. After you get all the lining drawn out in this step you can move down to step 3 where    


See after you completed step 2, you should have a sketch that looks like the one above. Here you will be drawing in Donkey's teeth and the other front leg. On the same side of his jaw you have to sneak in a line to finish off his neck and back. After   


This is the last step. You will be detailing and defining the rest of Donkey as you can tell. What you want to do next is draw in the inner lining of his ears and give him some pupils. After that shade in the inside of his mouth and draw out the oth   


Here you are Donkey. You are done that is it. How easy was that to do? Simple that's how. Now all you have to do to him now is color him in his grayish brown color and put him along side of Shrek. That does it for another tutorial on a character from   

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April 21, 2008

I know I just put up Shrek, but where would Shrek be without his noble steed? I just had to put a tutorial up on "<strong>how to draw Donkey</strong>" from Shrek in order to give the big green fella some company, besides since you are going to learn how to draw Shrek, might as well learn how to draw Donkey as well right? Now, I am a big fan of Eddie Murphy and for a while there I thought he was losing his touch with all those blah movies he was coming out with, and I understand how every actor is going to struggle in the movie business when trying to keep the same fans you had before, but I’m sorry the last like 5 Eddie Murphy films have been stinkers. The best one I’m going to have to say is The Nutty Professor. When Shrek came out I was pleased to see the role of Donkey go to Eddie, the animated character just fits his profile I think. In this movie Donkey is a talking animal that never shuts up. If he is not talking he is singing, if he is not singing he is humming. No matter what this jackass is doing he is always making some kind of noise that comes from his mouth. But that is not the only thing this funny donkey is known for. He is also known for his caring nature and his bold behavior. Even though he is small and stubby, he has the courage of a strong warrior and the heart of a hero. Donkey longs to be more than just a talking, walking animal from a far away land, he wants to be a big, bold, valiant horse. He meets up with Shrek after his owner sells him to Farquaads hunch men for a few cents. After he gets away from the clutches of the same men that bought him, he runs into Shrek as he runs through the woods. Taking refuge behind the big green monster, Shrek manages to scare the soldiers off and the two remain inseparable through the rest of their journey. Donkey is another fun character and I had a lot of fun drawing him out. In this tutorial you will learn how to draw Donkey step by step with easy to follow instructions. I know you will have a blast learning how to draw this funny off the wall character from everyone’s favorite movie, Shrek.

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