How to Draw Puss in Boots

Artist: Dawn / March 15, 2009

Step 1.

Puss in Boots is going to be very easy for you to draw out so lets get started shall we? First draw a circle for the shape of the head and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw out the guidelines for his body to make the lines of position.

Step 2.

Now what you are going to do here is start sketching out the lines and shapes to make this kitty look more like himself. Start with the fluffy hair and then the beginning shapes of his hat. You will draw out the eyes and then his cheeks. Add the arm    

Step 3.

Now that you have some of the major lines drawn out you will finish off the shape and lines for the hat. Next draw the arms shapes and then the hands. Add more shape for his stomach and then draw out the boots better. Detail the inside of the ears an   

Step 4.

This is your last drawing step and what you will do now is draw out the fencing type of sword as you see it here. Next color in the eyes and then add his whiskers. You will then draw out the rest of Puss's body including the tail and boots. Add some    

Step 5.

Once your done your feline should look like this. All that is left to do now is color him in. You have just learned how to draw Puss in Boots step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: March 15, 2009
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Description: I could just keep going and going until tomorrow with uploading these new drawing lessons for you all. But unfortunately I cannot because eventually I will get tired and then fall asleep sitting up. This next tutorial will show you how to draw Puss in Boots step by step. I know that this character is mainly recognized from the movie Shrek 2 who is voiced by Antonio Banderas. Puss in Boots is a funny character who happens to be a cat that is a skilled swordsman. The story of this cat was derived from a European fairytale started in 1697 from a gentleman named Charles Perrault and was featured in the Mother Goose tales. This character isn’t suppose to look like the Puss in Boots from the movie Shrek two and three, instead I sketched out a character similar to my sisters movie that she has on VHS. Yes I said VHS and that is because my two sisters love watching them because they are cheap to buy and save up for. Puss in Boots is a sly character and he is supposed to be French I think. This lesson will show you how to draw Puss in Boots step by step with simple to read instructions and easy to follow steps. The reason why I chose this character to draw is because no one anywhere has this delightful cat laid out as a tutorial. And I don’t know about you but, I would want to learn how to draw Puss in Boots if I were like eight or so. Anyways, I hope you like this lesson because I did work hard on him even though it may not seem that way. I have more tutorials to submit and I guess I could say that I am almost done for the day. Oh, if some of you are wondering why I didn’t sign on today, it’s because Sundays are my day off. So I will reconnect with you all tomorrow so make sure you are signed in and ready to have some fun. I shall return again so stay tuned in to