How to Draw Dragon from Shrek


Start by drawing out the head shape and then add the lines for the facial alignment. Because dragons have a long muzzle, you will need to make the outlined shape of the attached lip to the bottom part of the you just drew. Next draw the width of the    


Now is the time to sketch out the shape of the head starting with the crown, and then draw the batty ears. The brows for dragons are very predominate so drawing them out like lumps is a necessary part to getting the face drawn right. Once you have th   


Here in step three you will basically finish drawing Dragon's face and structure. First draw the left jawline and then incorporate the spiked horns like yo see it done here. Next sketch out her pretty eyes with slit pupils, and then add the lashes. N   


It's now time to concentrate on the upper body. What you want to do first is draw out the shape of her wings and then add some detailing. You will notice that the wings I sketched for Dragon is a bit bigger then her natural wings you may see on her i   


Continue to sketch out her stubby looking arms, and then draw her hands. Next begin drawing the front part of her belly and or chest and when you do so, you have to make bumpy layers because as you can see her underbelly is like a typical dragon. Onc   


You will get further in this step because you have to complete drawing her belly, and the shape of her neck. As with the previous step, the lining is the same, bumpy and marked. After the front of Dragon's body is draw you can then sketch in some cro   


This is now your last drawing step. All you will need to do first is draw the back of Dragon and then add some flowing spikes down her back. Add more cross hatching and then start erasing all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to pre   


You are now finished drawing Dragon from Shrek. Color her in with a ruby colored crayon, colored pencil, marker or paint and that is it. Place her besides Donkey and you have yourself a happy couple. Great job everyone, keep up the good work and be s   

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February 21, 2010

Description: Dragon is one of the coolest characters from the Shrek movies, and how she managed to marry Donkey is beyond me. I'm gonna submit this lesson to celebrate the new Shrek film that is due to be released in April of this year. There really isn't too much to say about her except she was originally the dragon that guarded the castle Princess Fiona was trapped in for many years. She was chained to the castle walls, and at first she was very, very mean. Until she met Donkey that is. Once they met, Dragon fell in love with him and at the time he didn't want nothing to do with her. After a while Donkey came around when the two met up again by the river, both alone, lost, and feeling helpless. He fell for her and since then they have been a happy couple. Dragon is also the proud mother of six “Dronkeys” which is the hybrid product of mixing a dragon and a donkey together. Her look is classic. She has red colored scales, long ears that resemble bat wings, a few spikes on both sides of her jawline, a set of dorsal spines, slitted eyes, a long typical dragon tail, and lastly a pair of wings. Now her wings I have a problem with because she is such a robust looking dragon, but her wings seem too small for her body. What the creators did to her features was brilliant as well. To make her look like a female they gave her a pair of red lips, pouting eyes with long lashes and all, and they kept her quite. She is probably one of the few animal characters in the films that doesn't say a single word. Instead she uses body language to express what she is feeling. Dragon is responsible for getting rid of Lord Farquaad from Far Far Away by swallowing him whole. I used a reference picture from Shrek's main website, to get a good idea on what she looks like. If you liked Princess Fiona's lesson, then you will love learning "how to draw Dragon from Shrek", step by step. I will be back later with more drawing fun so stay tuned in and have your pencils ready to draw again..

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