How to Draw Pumpkins


This is just a quick drawing of three different looking pumpkins that you can draw either alone, or all together. There is an oval shaped pumpkin, a round shaped pumpkin, and a small miniature pumpkin.


The top diagram is a quick look at the different shapes you can use for a stem on one or all of your pumpkins. The second image to the left shows you how a pumpkin leaf should look no matter what type you draw. Finally, the diagram at the bottom show   


And finally this is where I show you how the bottom of a pumpkin is rounded, and shaped like a plump piece of vegetable.


Draw a circle and add one vertical guidelines from the top, down to the middle of the pumpkin shape.


You will now start sketching out the shape of your pumpkin the way you see it here. Notice how there is notches at the base and the top. Add the groove lines too.


Draw the type of stem you want, and then add some detailing to the stem and the surface of the pumpkin for added texture.


Now you will draw in the leaves, and start erasing the shape, and one guideline to clean up your drawing.


See how easy it was drawing a pumpkin? It looks so awesome and the best part is you can draw as many as you want.

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August 31, 2010

Description: To go along with the new “Halloween” theme, I will be uploading yet another lesson, but this time it's going to be on a certain vegetable that kids like to carve out, and make faces out of. Today, I will teach you guys "how to draw pumpkins", step by step. There is so many different shaped pumpkins, as well as so many different types. In this tutorial, I will not only show you how to draw a pumpkin, I will also include some helpful tips that will enable you draw any shaped pumpkin of your choice. There is a certain way you can draw the stems, leaves, and even vines. A lot of the time, when drawing one of these oversized orange round veggies, people tend to give the bottom of a pumpkin a flat surface when in fact it is supposed to be rounded, groovy, and smooth. I will teach you how to make the shape of a pumpkin the right way so that when Halloween is finally here, you will have no problems at all creating some fun pictures for your walls, windows, and refrigerators. Well I guess that's all I have to say for now, it's now your turn to draw some pumpkins, and color them in. Remember, just because there is only one pumpkin as the main image, you can always draw multiple pumpkins to make a really nice drawing. I will be back, because I still have a few more lessons to upload, and one of them is another Halloween based tutorial. Peace out folks, and have an awesome drawing ay!

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