How to Draw Neko

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Alright, first start off with the basic framework for your Neko. I know all the lines might seem confusing, so I suggest you start from the head down. Be sure to draw guidelines for the head as well, so you can prevent from drawing inaccurately. The    


Next, start drawing the beginnings of the facials. It's always best to flesh out the face and facial details in order to create the head accurately. Flesh out the neck and shoulders so you can start drawing the chest and hands. I suggest drawing litt   


Then, draw the paw/fingers for the mittens the Neko is wearing. Move onto more facial details as well. Once you've finished all of the listed, work on the arms. Draw everything in the exact order you just read.


Next, move onto sketching out the bangs for this feisty Neko. You could possibly draw the face in any expression desired. To make this girl a bit more, shy/feisty, add some blush marks. This will make your character seem insecure but seducing. Start    


Then, draw the entire set of hair and cat like ears. I didn't make any guidelines for the hair due to the fact of the artist's creativity. You can draw your own style of hair, hence the reason why there isn't any guidelines. Finish off the dress of t   


Lastly, draw the curly tail. You could perhaps make a really fluffy fox like tail too, it's totally up to you. Expand that creative capacity and explore the possibilities.


This is what your line art should slightly resemble. If you went on and customized your own cat girl, then don't worry if it doesn't look entirely like this. I hope you had some fun learning “how to draw a Neko”! Thanks so much for viewing and go   

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September 2, 2010

Description: Hey folks, how about another tutorial based on some cool anime stuff? I drew up this lesson a day ago during my LiveStream broadcast. It was so much fun drawing this cute and sweet girl with large kitty ears. Most anime/manga fans have heard of the type of species that go by the name of “Neko”. Basically it means “cat girl”. The pose was sorta inspired from a movie I've seen a week ago. There was a person from the movie called “17 Again”, which was sorta funny. I believe it was the teacher perched on her desk or something holding up her arms in a cat pounce type thing. Don't quote me on this if I'm mistaken. Anyways, it was so much fun drawing this Neko chick. She's wearing a pretty red dress, but you customize this with your own type of clothing. To do so, draw the body first and then move onto drawing the type of clothing you'd like to design. When you “draw a cat girl”, you'll want to know what type of expression and ears she has. Also, don't forget to style a cute kitty tail. To make her seem more menacing and predator like, give her some tiger stripes. Maybe, you could add a scarf that's really fluffy to resemble a mane that of a lion. Whatever the creation, a cat girl is only truly noticeable by the ears, tail, and maybe some fangs running down the side of her lips. I'm pretty sure there's male Nekos as well, it all really depends. Well, folks, I have to go now, it's almost time for me to go onto LiveStream broadcasting so I can teach the Live lesson on how to do certain things digitally or paper wise. Thanks for viewing this tutorial and have fun learning “how to draw Neko step by step”. Don't forget to leave some feedback, or submit your version of a Neko! Thanks so much and peace out :)

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