How to Draw an Easy Pumpkin

Artist: CarnivalFish / October 6, 2010

Step 1.

Before I begin, Lets examine an actual pumpkin. A clear circle can be made around this pumpkin. Pumpkins are naturally spherical in shape. From there the circle is segmented. We can use that knowledge to break down drawing a pumpkin into only a few s   

Step 2.

Not all pumpkins in the patch are the same. You don't always need to work with a perfect circle. Some pumpkins are tall, others wide. Stems can be long and curled, or short and broken. Details like bumps and leaves can be added to create special, uni   

Step 3.

Start with a simple oval.

Step 4.

Draw in some vertical lines. These will help us later to segment the pumpkin. Keep lines wider in the center and thinner towards the edges.

Step 5.

Round of these edges as much as possible. The lines should bend out away from the center. Small bumps can be added along the bottom to give the pumpkin a nice surface to rest on.

Step 6.

I added a few bumps to the top of the pumpkin to help even it out and set a small stem on top. You can choose to make the stem any size you want, just see what you like best.

Step 7.

Here I add more detail. I add some leaves and add some more finishing touches.

Step 8.

Time for even more detail. Add some texture lines to the stem and some vein marks to the leaves for a finished look.

Step 9.

Finally, clean up your marks or retrace your image onto a clean piece of paper. There you have it, a pumpkin. I hope you found this breakdown of steps easy to follow. Please enjoy this tutorial and let me know how you applied it.

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Artist: CarnivalFish
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