How to Draw Plum From Bravest Warriors


The first thing you will do here is make the guides for the head, torso and butt end. Draw the facial guidelines and then make the arms and legs. Draw in the small feet, then follow the next step.


Draw out the shape of Plum's face along with her neck. Add the chunks for her bangs, then move to step three.


Draw and color in the eyes, mouth and cheeks.


Next up, draw the hairstyle, followed by the shapes of her ears.


We will tackle the task of drawing in some of Plum's body. Start with making the shoulders and arms, then draw in her torso, waist and flare outline for the clothing. There is only one strap for the dress she is wearing. It's more like a primitive dr   


Add detailing to her clothing starting with the top. When that is done add some nice wave like lines to the skirt/dress and then make a cleavage line for the breast.


Lastly, draw Plums legs and two toed feet. Erase all the mistakes then you are done.


Here is Plum from Bravest Warriors. Color her in and be on your way.

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June 1, 2013

Description: I don't know how many of you follow the Youtube series Bravest Warriors, but I have a couple lessons for you all based on the characters created by Pendleton Ward. Here is "how to draw Plum from Bravest Warriors", step by step. This character reminds me a lot the Adventure Time cast but I guess that's expected seeing how they are all created by the same guy. Drawing Plum should be pretty simple. If you are a fan of Bravest Warriors, let me know how the series is, maybe I will tun into it some time.

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