How to Draw Paralyzed Horse from Bravest Warriors


Begin by making a small circle for the head guide, then draw a neck and body guide too.


Next, draw the muzzle for this horse, then sketch out the short scruffy mane. Don't forget to draw that ear shape as well.


Next, sketch in the detailing to the mane, then draw out the eye shape and color in the pupil. Add the other ear, then draw the teeth and tongue.


You are almost done folks so keep pushing ahead. Draw the neck shape, then draw the front legs and hooves. Add that definition on the bottom of the hooves to separate the hoof from the leg.


Draw in the rest of the horse's body which also includes the back end and thighs. You will not draw in the tail because you have to add definition to form out the back part of the legs.


After you sketch out the short puffy tail, you can proceed to step seven.


That's it, you are all done. Draw the texture definition on the tail, body and legs, then add that scruffiness to the hooves. Erase the mistakes then you are ready to call it quits.


There you go guys. An awesome tutorial on drawing Paralyzed horse. Color it in and be on your way.

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October 25, 2013

Description: There is more and more people who are jumping on the Bravest Warriors wagon by becoming fans of the series. Pretty soon you ill be able to watch it on Cartoon Network ( I think). Here is "how to draw Paralyzed horse", step by step. This brown colored horse has a crazed look on its face because that is how Paralyzed horse looks almost on a daily basis. As far as replicating this character, I think you will do an awesome job. If you like drawing horses or if you like drawing characters from Bravest Warriors, you will also like this tut. I shall be back so stick around.

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