How to Draw Pipsqueak, Pipsqueak, Pip, My Little Pony

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You will begin Pip by drawing a large circle for the head and then draw a small egg shaped body. Add a face guide and move to step two.


Using the shape that you drew in step one, begin forming the shape of Pip's face and be sure to include the ear. Draw the bandanna line as well as the puff of mane that hangs out.


Draw the eye patch, and then draw the small snout or nose and then draw in the rainbow shaped eye. Color in his pupil and then draw in a small skull on the front of the eye patch.


Finish drawing out the bandanna as well as the knot and tie.


You will now draw out the pirate style shirt like so, as well as the front legs, and back part of the body.


Finish drawing out Pip's body by sketching out the rest of the legs. Draw the back end of the pony and then draw the small tail as well as the ruffles on his shirt sleeves.


Once you have erased the lines and shapes that you made in step one, as well as the mistakes, you should end up with a pretty nice drawing. Color him in and you have completed another My Little Pony drawing.

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November 20, 2011

Description: Here is a character that I made last week but I never got around to uploading it until now. It is on another My Little Pony character and if you are a fan of the new series, you should fall in love with this adorable addition. Today I will finally show you "how to draw Pipsqueak", step by step. What I love about this character from the series is how his name definitely fits his small stature. Pipsqueak dresses like a pirate and he is also full of energy. His pony colors are what you would normally refer to as being a pinto horse. Pipsqueak made his first debut in Luna Eclipse and since then he has been a reoccurring character. Other ponies that know Pipsqueak call him just Pip, but you can call him whatever you want. He is going to be really easy to draw, and I think you will enjoy how I tried to make him as close to the real thing as possible. When my little sister seen the drawing I did for him, she automatically wanted to follow the lesson. So here it is guys, "how to draw Pip", or Pipsqueak. Have fun and be sure to let me know what you thought of the tutorial. Adios mi amigos and enjoy!

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